Madden NFL 25 Releases on Android

Posted September 20th, 2013 at 9:15 am


The mobile version of Madden NFL 25 that came out in late August on iOS has now arrived for Android devices and can be downloaded through Google Play. For the first time Madden on mobile is free-to-play (FIFA will be that way as well later this month) and with that in mind the primary focus has shifted to an “Ultimate Team” concept.

Features for Madden NFL 25 include the front-and-center Ultimate Team, solo challenges for the team to play through, offensive shootout mode, head-to-head turn based play (handling only the offense much like Your Turn Football), and exhibition games. Controls are made up of screen taps and swipes. Card packs, offensive or defensive play packs, and “Energy” units (which limit how much can be played) are available for purchase.