Madden NFL 25 Next-Gen Gameplay Found in Video Centered on CoachGlass Feature

Posted October 9th, 2013 at 9:00 am


A video from tech site Engadget, reporting on the CoachGlass feature that was revealed yesterday, provides the first glimpse of next-gen Madden NFL 25 in action. The footage shows a game that isn’t straying from the way the current-gen version looks in terms of presentation or even much in how it plays on the field.

As discussed on the most recent Press Row Hangout the way the Xbox One/PS4 version looks and plays will be very familiar if not identical in certain ways to the 360/PS3 version. The ESPN sim last week which used next-gen highlights was the first visual evidence – besides checking it out at E3 and not being impressed then either – that expectations should be severely tempered and the negative reaction to that video led to striking the sim that was to be released this week. Many people couldn’t even convince themselves that video was next-gen.

It’s become fairly evident what Madden NFL 25 on next-gen is going to be, and that is a port of current-gen with improved visuals, offensive line blocking logic, and amped up atmosphere. It may not be the wrong course of action but will disappoint those who are looking for a significant leap following the rough current-gen version and an up-and-down eight years of releases. However the stability has its benefits as the game will be fully featured and predictable unlike the first attempt made at the last console generation transition. That makes it easier to determine on an individual basis whether a purchase is warranted.