The Line Drive for October 27

Posted October 27th, 2013 at 1:45 pm


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

♦Make sure to vote in the second round of the Best of the Generation tournament.
♦A second roster update with hot and cold streak details released for NHL 14.
♦New next-gen NBA 2K14 screens in the FB gallery of Xavier Henry and Ben McLemore.
♦The 2-2-1-1-1 format is back in place for the NBA Finals and NBA 2K14 next-gen has it in.
♦No word from 2K on patching the format into NBA 2K14 current-gen or for NBA Live 14.
♦Three more players have been added to the Xbox exclusive FIFA Ultimate Team Legends.
♦EA Sports released a full feature overview for next-gen FIFA 14.
♦New screenshot additions to the FB album for next-gen FIFA 14.
♦The first patch for Madden NFL 25, details here, released for 360 and PS3 on Thursday.
♦The adidas NBA Stacked collection is now available in the MyPlayer store of NBA 2K14.
♦The next-gen digital download/install of NBA 2K14 will be 60GB (Xbox One) and 50GB (PS4).
♦Ryan Hart is fighting the player likeness lawsuit settlement saying he wasn’t informed.
♦Seeking support for release through Steam OOTP 14 and FHM 2014 are now on Greenlight.
♦2K Sports released all the details on DLC plans for WWE 2K14.
♦Despite the new hardware EA Sports UFC will only be 30fps and utilize motion blur.
♦11v11 online mode coming to PES 2014 and online should be working now on 360.
♦Check out the new unis honoring the military that the Spurs will wear twice this season.
♦The highly anticipated new PlayStation app for iOS and Android releases November 13.

News and content that may have been missed from the last week around the site.

DVD/Blu-ray Releases This Week. Headlined by Monsters University.
Trailer for Captain America 2. The Winter Soldier slated to release next April.
Stephen Lang Returning for Avatar Sequels. Will appear in all three of them.

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