First MLB 14: The Show News Expected To Hit Next Week

Posted October 30th, 2013 at 8:30 am


SCEA has begun to tease an announcement pertaining to MLB 14: The Show that will be made on Monday, November 4. There are two strong possibilities for what will come on that date. One or both seem likely to happen.

Typically the first news related to the upcoming release of The Show has to do with the cover. That news tends to come anywhere from early November to mid-December and sometimes has coincided with an awards announcement. Last year the cover being determined through fan voting was announced in late November. This time the date coincides with the Player’s Choice Awards which will be broadcast on the MLB Network. The news could be made during the broadcast.

This year though is unique as the release of the PlayStation 4 happens on November 15. SCEA could look to capitalize on the excitement of the upcoming console by officially announcing the PS4 version. That would not only offer a jump start for promotion of the game at a point of heightened consumer awareness but also benefit Sony who can tout the highly respected series while the Xbox One looks likely to go without baseball next year. A teaser trailer or screenshot could even accompany the announcement though would not be a given.