Though Less Widespread Severe NBA 2K14 Problems Persist

Posted January 14th, 2014 at 10:15 am


Since last reporting on the serious issues plaguing NBA 2K14 post-release on Xbox One and PS4 nearly two weeks ago, the widespread server outages have seemingly been resolved. For some that has meant being able to play 2K14 unimpeded but for many others they are still facing massive problems frequently or every time they try to play. 

Those include crashing when attempting to load a MyCareer or MyGM save, saves that have been lost or corrupted, VC that has been purchased and not received or lost at some point, extremely laggy online play, and MyTeam and The Park often inaccessible. MyGM also remains broken until a new patch can be delivered with users unable to progress through the NBA Playoffs due to a bug introduced in the earlier patch and details of contract offers unable to be altered.

Interestingly the number of complaints appear to be greater on the Xbox One. A higher percentage of users are citing problems still occurring for them there despite more sales having been made on the PS4. In unscientific polling through social media 58% of replies from those still facing troubles noted they are on the Xbox One, 36% on the PS4, and 6% on 360 or PS3.

This is partially due to the inability to play against friends online on the Xbox One, Team-Up mode not working there, and The Park servers being down more often than on PS4. However there also would seem to be a slightly higher rate of crashes preventing the main modes from being played on Xbox One as well.