Unique Fighter Abilities in EA Sports UFC

Posted June 18th, 2014 at 11:45 am


One aspect of EA Sports UFC that was never really discussed relates to the various special abilities held by the fighters which in theory would highlight their strengths and traits in fights while also adding a larger sense of personalization for created fighters.

Unfortunately one of the biggest complaints with the game is that the individuals all tend to fight the same rather than in the different manners they actually do in real fights (strategically and relating to personal skills). Remember MMAi? Apparently neither does EA. However it’s still interesting to look at what the company has tried to do to differentiate them in concept at least.

Each individual has been assigned up to five of the following abilities and they can be selected to aid in crafting fighters as they go through Career mode. 

Bobble Head
Increased chance to bobble or cause liver shot after slip counter.

Decreased stamina drain of performing consecutive strikes.

Recover stamina faster when moving.

Gain stamina for every strike you successfully slip.

Force of Nature
Briefly reduce your opponent’s stamina recovery after successful takedown.

Relentless Assault
Recover a small amount of stamina for hitting your opponent with strikes

During health events your strikes deal increased damage.

Work Horse
Stamina costs for transitions, denials, and submissions are halved on the ground.

Crushing Presence
While in a dominant ground position, slow your opponent’s ability to regenerate stamina.

Fight Dirty
Increase the damage of your strikes in the clinch and on the ground.

Infinite Core
Minimal stamina drain from posturing on the ground.

Sinister Gates
Increase speed of defensive gates and decrease the time between when advancement gates appear for both players.

Increase the speed of your ground transitions.

Warrior of Attrition
Reduce stamina cost of all moves at the cost of dealing reduced damage.

Heavy Handed
Increase damage from fists and elbows

Unstoppable Force
Recover very quickly from the first health event sustained in a fight.

Chess Master
Your advancement prompts appear quicker during submissions.

Vicious Kicks
Increased damage from kicks and knees.

Caged Highlights
Cage strikes deal increased damage.

Stop Hitter
Increased chance to wobble or cause liver shot after parry counter.

No stamina loss from performing strikes while your opponent is affected by a health event.

Deal increased damage from parry counters.

Pushing the Pace
While in the clinch, slow your opponent’s ability to regenerate stamina.

Weathering Storms
During health events take no damage when performing regular blocks.

Swing for the Fence
Increase the chances of inflicting and sustaining health events from strikes.

Crushing Blows
Increased chance to wobble or cause liver shot after lunge counter.

Negative Reinforcement
Successfully sprawling briefly reduces your opponent’s stamina recovery.

Decreased stamina drain of performing consecutive strikes.

Desperate Measures
Actions you perform while in a health event cost no stamina.

Higher Altitude
When not performing any actions benefit from increased stamina.

Carved of Wood
Improve recovery time from health events.

Attack the Base
Increased chance your leg kicks will cause your opponent to limp.

Razor Wired
Knees and elbows deal increased damage.

Iron Clinch
Successive strikes that land in the clinch deal increased damage.

Targeted Cruelty
Successive strikes that target the same part of your opponent’s body deal increased damage.