Your Thoughts on the FIFA 15 Demo

Posted September 11th, 2014 at 10:45 am


After an unexplained delay in getting out for PS4 the FIFA 15 demo is now available on all platforms. It released Monday night on Xbox One, Tuesday for 360/PS3/PC, and Wednesday on PS4. It features eight clubs with matches set to four minute halves and some pre-set squads to use in feeling out Ultimate Team.

The FIFA 15 demo has left the strongest impression on me since the UFC 2009 demo. So much was seen and felt, in such a condensed period of time, that the game shined in a way that isn’t typically the case with annual sports games. If you haven’t played the demo at least give it a try. You’ll likely learn more about whether the game is for you than just reading feature lists or even watching gameplay videos. That isn’t always the case with demos.

Vote in the poll below and leave any thoughts in the comments. Has the FIFA 15 demo influenced your purchase decision in any way?