The Hidden Gem of NBA Live 15 Is The ESPN Camera Angle

Posted October 30th, 2014 at 11:30 am


When considering what the ESPN license means for sports video games most would cite broadcast presentation and maybe commentary teams. However there are other elements that can potentially be implemented and one shines in NBA Live 15. The game has the authentic ESPN camera angles for each arena and it might be the best option to use when playing.

Similar to how the TV camera shifts for baseball pitching views from stadium to stadium, and in MLB: The Show that changes up the way each game looks and even can affect pitching based on the altered angles, the camera placement in NBA arenas vary. NBA Live 15 attempts to replicate what viewers see when watching ESPN/ABC broadcasts. Compared to the default camera they’re pulled back farther and arguably better for playing purposes.

It may have been smart for EA to default to the ESPN camera. Everyone I’ve spoken to about the game prefers it. Not only that but it could be a selling point as it offers something exclusive to their product. Playing in each arena offers a unique and recognizable feel to the NBA fan. Continue on to check out a handful of screenshots from the ESPN camera that displays just how each venue can differ whether it’s slight or more dramatic.