Opinions Split on MLB 15: The Show Legends

Posted February 17th, 2015 at 5:30 pm


Though the reaction was tepid when the addition of “Legends” for MLB 15: The Show was originally announced in December, having the list of representatives revealed recently brought them back into the conversation. A poll posted last week was intended to gauge general perception towards, and any influence offering legends might have considering they’ll be in as an option for Franchise mode and part of the card-collecting Diamond Dynasty.

The results suggest there are a fair number of consumers who anticipate taking advantage of the legends but just about as many that have no plans to utilize them at all. Of the over 2600 voters only 13% anticipate they’ll be actively using or trying to obtain them while 29% expect to use them in some capacity but don’t view them as a selling point of the game.

In total those 42% of respondents have some level of interest in legends while 39% stated they have no interest in them. Of those with no interest the majority (27%) expressed a complete lack of care about them while the remaining 12% were disappointed in the choices and and being limited to just 30 players.

Though it doesn’t appear that legends will draw new consumers to the product – the hardcore baseball fans excited by them are likely already buying the game – they can prove valuable for SCEA now and in the future. As with Universal Rewards, which in part are intended to drive awareness of Diamond Dynasty, legends could lead some to the revenue-generating mode for the first time or get them invested more in it than they would have been otherwise.