NBA 2K14 Server Shutdown Has Killed Previously Existing Save Files

Posted April 6th, 2015 at 12:00 pm


When 2K Sports announced support for the NBA 2K14 servers would cease on March 31 they also reassured consumers that their MyCareer and MyGM files would convert from online saves into offline saves. The only real difference would be changing over from VC (Virtual Currency) to SP (Skill Points). The statement from the company has turned out not to be true.

People with saves that began online (which would include most everyone) have had their progress halted and the only way to continue playing is by starting over from scratch. Owen Good at Polygon put together a strong piece on this today and includes some utterly insulting excerpts out of emails from 2K’s customer service.

Not only was the 16 month stretch of server support abnormally short the bigger concern related to the always-online nature of NBA 2K14. Now consumers know, beyond the inability to play the game when the servers had so much trouble in the months after its release, just how much a system such as the one implemented here can affect them.

The longevity of the title was at risk and sadly those who continued playing the game have been dismissed given that the company wants them to buy 2K15 instead. This should now be a consideration when buying any 2K product in the future. If you want to stick with the game beyond the release of the next one you are likely to get screwed over.