Online-Specific Issues Wrecking Otherwise Fun MLB 15: The Show Ranked and Diamond Dynasty Games

Posted April 14th, 2015 at 11:30 am


Though online play performance is markedly better in MLB 15: The Show than previous years of the series its unreliable nature has still been cited in early days as a big problem. That remains the case but now a couple bugs and exploits have been identified that are making games against random opponents miserable to play.

The most pressing issue relates to a bug that causes the game to stall after a walk or hit-by-pitch. It doesn’t happen on 100% of them but it’s often enough that there’s a fair chance any given game won’t reach its conclusion. It’s also being taken advantage of by people who know about it. Many now when they fall behind in a game are walking or hitting batters until it stalls. Then it becomes a waiting game on which side will leave and accept the loss.

The other irritating exploits will be somewhat familiar to those who have played The Show online in the past. People are bunting over and over because there’s no way to consistently stop it from working. The pitcher, catcher, and third baseman simply don’t get to the ball in time to make a play and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Steal success rate is also still way too high and people will steal their way around the bases because of it.

All of these concerns affect ranked online games, which some might say then just to avoid, but that’s not a solution nor is there an alternative way to play Diamond Dynasty which is essentially reliant on random online games.

Hopefully these issues will be patched in the immediate future. If they are then online may very well have reached the adequate status so many had hoped for but come not to expect.