Spike Lee Playing Big Role in Shaping NBA 2K16 MyCareer; Tagline is “Be The Story”

Posted April 23rd, 2015 at 12:00 pm


In March the New York Post mentioned that Spike Lee was in San Francisco working on an NBA video game-related project, which obviously meant it was NBA 2K16, and now Polygon is reporting more on his involvement.

The official tagline for 2K16 is “Be the Story” and “A Spike Lee Joint” apparently will appear on the cover. The latter is at least preferable to whoever put together the soundtrack being promoted there. Lee is working with 2K on MyCareer Mode which seems like a natural fit to become even more like playing through a movie. 

Early hints at what’s on the way is not uncommon for the series. With 2K15 it was the “Your Time Has Come” tagline, accompanied by an image of Kevin Durant in front of multiple outdoor courts, which foretold the focus on the expanded MyPark Mode and the new story in MyCareer.

It’s also stated that there will be three different covers – featuring Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Kevin Durant – though it could just be promotional material done for multiple athletes given that it’s designed to be more like a movie poster. NBA 2K12 featured three different covers (Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson) so its logistically possible they could look to do that again. That year there was no guarantee what cover you would receive and that would likely be the case again. If Durant is featured on another cover it would be the third time for him with 2K. He’s also been on the cover of EA Sports’ March Madness 08 and, oh, there was that one time he would have been on NBA Elite 11 as well.

This isn’t Spike Lee’s first interaction with 2K Sports. For NBA 2K10 he was part of the marketing campaign around choosing the Kobe Bryant cover art, in which they included one with Bryant in a Knicks jersey as a joke.