First Madden NFL 16 Features Not Generating Excitement; Desire for More Penalties High

Posted May 23rd, 2015 at 12:30 pm


The initial reveal of improvements for Madden NFL 16 largely lacked substance outside of receiver-defender interactions. That was an area of the game desperate for attention but on its own hasn’t been enough to inspire greater anticipation towards the game.

Two polls were posted early in the week to gauge reaction to the feature news along with how penalties should play a role in Madden. The results of both paint a clear picture. 

The improvements laid out for Madden NFL 16 thus far haven’t done much to get people excited for the game but at the same time it hasn’t really hurt prospects of buying it for many. That’s a fair approach considering there’s still three months until release and there will likely be some big news out of E3 in mid-June.

The greatest number of respondents, 38%, deemed the improvements “insignificant” with no potential change to their purchase plans. 25% feel that they’re “significant” but again not enough to move the needle. Those “more likely to buy” and “less likely to buy” basically cancel each other out with 14% for the former and 17% the latter.

The promise of penalties being better reflected has created a bit of a debate within the community. How well EA Sports implements penalty calls is critical to how it will be received, but in general people want more penalties in the game.

An overwhelming majority, 76%, voted for having penalties at a “higher rate”. 23% want it at about the same rate. The assumption there would be a desire for more variety in the type of calls and not necessarily more of them. Just 1% said they’d rather Madden go without any penalties (or those that aren’t user-inflicted like encroachment) being called.

There are inevitably going to be those who get frustrated when a penalty, that they perceive as being out of their control, costs them points or a game. As long as Madden institutes calls based on actual risk-reward and user tactics, such as someone pressing at the line of scrimmage every play being more likely to get called for defensive holding, it should represent a net gain in realism and gameplay satisfaction.