The NBA 2K15 Finals Sim Was Eerily Close to Having an Identical Game One Ending

Posted June 5th, 2015 at 9:45 am


Earlier this week I posted a comprehensive simulation of the NBA Finals with NBA 2K15 at Hit the Pass. It included game summaries with highlight clips, stats, and analysis.

When publishers complete and hype their own simulations they typically just hit a button and provide the result. Actually watching the games leads to the emergence of storylines and the ability to identify drama that takes place within them.

As Game One played out last night – the Warriors outlasting the Cavaliers in overtime 108-100 – it was stunning just how close the sim was to ending in an identical manner. 

♦In the real game, the Cavs had the ball as time was running down, tied up at 98, with the ball in LeBron James’ hands.

♦In the 2K15 sim, the Cavs had the ball as time was running down, tied up at 102, with the ball in LeBron James’ hands.

Many expressed last night a belief that James shouldn’t have settled for that jump shot. That he should have tried to impose his will and drive towards the hoop. Based on what happened in the NBA 2K15 sim not only might that have meant victory but too an avoidance of overtime that may have also cost them Kyrie Irving for the series.

The big diversion going forward as far as the actual series and 2K15’s simulation will be the availability of Irving. In the sim he played through the entirety of the the series. Unfortunately the prospects of him returning in the real one are looking grim. (Update) He’s done for 3-4 months with a fractured knee cap.