MLB 15: The Show Week 15 Roster Update

Posted July 20th, 2015 at 10:00 am


Despite the promise of a huge roster update over the All-Star break period for MLB 15: The Show that would involve a sweeping reevaluation of the entirety of the league, that update has yet to be delivered by SCEA. A third week has now gone by with updates that have disappointed tremendously as they haven’t even been up to par with those from earlier in the season while fans have eagerly awaited something that would greatly impact Diamond Dynasty.

There’s ratings movement for a few big name players this week however which is what separates it from the previous two which only had position changes and no ratings changes. Chris Sale (+2 to 95), Bryce Harper (+1 to 95), Zack Greinke (+2 to 94), and J.D. Martinez (+4 to 85) are the winners. Joey Votto (-2 to 89), Nelson Cruz (-2 to 88), Michael Brantley (-2 to 87), and Justin Upton (-4 to 86) find themselves on the wrong end of the adjustments. 

New Rookies
Rob Refsnyder, 2B, Yankees (72 Overall, B Potential)
Tyler, Saladino, SS, White Sox (71 Overall, B Potential)
Dusty Coleman, SS, Royals (70 Overall, B Potential)
Brian Johnson, SP, Red Sox (66 Overall, B Potential)
Jefry Marte, 1B, Tigers (61 Overall, B Potential)
Ryan O’Rourke, RP, Twins (59 Overall, B Potential)