Konami acquires UEFA Euro license

Posted August 5th, 2015 at 5:30 pm


Konami today officially announced that they have acquired the license to next year’s UEFA Euro tournament. This is a license that had been held by EA Sports since 2000, with the publisher having released a game on the every-four-year schedule with the last being in 2012.

While the first three UEFA Euro games from EA were standalone retail products, the 2012 edition was an attempt at turning it into an expansion pack sold digitally through the FIFA of that year. It sold for $20 and was treated very much as a “discount” game/add-on, as it featured only 24 licensed nations – the other 29 were generic representations.

In the release sent out by Konami they were definitive in stating UEFA Euro 2016 is not included in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, which is due out in mid-September. It’s unclear what their plans are for the tournament, whether they’ll be adding it as DLC down the line, or releasing a standalone title. The company won’t be discussing plans for it until early next year.