EA’s new “draft” modes in Madden and FIFA generating mixed response

Posted August 15th, 2015 at 2:15 pm


EA Sports has multiple reasons to be heavily motivated in developing new modes for their games that could beecome money-makers in the years to come. Following the explosion of Ultimate Team, the search for the next one is on, and the first attempt at that are the “draft” modes in Madden NFL 16 and FIFA 16.

Initial reaction to the announcements appeared tepid but those making up the crowd being targeted aren’t necessarily the ones who are most engaged in the products. Based on the poll posted last week, there does appear to be a level of interest in Draft Champions and Ultimate Team Draft, but there’s little in the way of enthusiasm.

40% of over 2300 respondents stated they’re not excited by the new concepts but will be giving one or both a shot, while 19% are excited for them and anticipate playing heavily. On the other end of the spectrum 37% don’t even feel the desire to try them out at all.

If nearly two thirds of those who buy Madden and FIFA actually go into the new modes, that would be a success for EA at least in the short-term. How well they’re received and how long people play them for will of course be critical to their future. In the video below Rich Grisham and I discuss the concept of the modes, what EA hopes they’ll become, who they hope they’ll appeal to, and how much potential they have to grow into something big.