MLB 15: The Show week 22 roster update

Posted September 7th, 2015 at 11:30 am


The latest roster update for MLB 15: The Show was expected to carry some significance, not for the ratings changes this time around but rather the new players that would be added. With September call-ups many players would become eligible to make their debut in The Show following their appearances in a Major League game. Surprisingly however, zero new players have been added to the game’s roster this week. 

Notable ratings movement includes Joey Votto (+3 to 93), Jake Arrieta (+2 to 90), Lorenzo Cain (+2 to 87), Edwin Encarnacion (+2 to 86), Junichi Tazawa (-2 to 82), Hanley Ramierez (-3 to 79), and Tim Hudson (-7 to 75).