Left tackles still struggling in Madden NFL 16 Franchise simulations

Posted September 10th, 2015 at 1:15 pm


Despite yesterday’s patch, which cited regression of left tackles in Franchise Mode as having been tuned, problems remain with them in Madden NFL 16. Simmed games appear to be the culprit, with poor to mediocre left tackles giving up an extraordinary number of sacks. Things get more complicated when examining what that means for their ratings. 

Seasons were simulated with 10 minute quarters and the results were consistent. The bottom tier of left tackles performed horribly, yet the CPU continued to roll them out for every game.


To put things into the proper perspective when seeing those numbers, NFL teams on average last season gave up a total of 38 sacks. In Franchise mode, with only 10 minute quarters, we have some left tackles nearly giving up that many themselves. Make the quarters lengthier and the results will be even more dramatic.

What does that mean for how the Franchise as a whole is affected? From what I was able to gather, there’s less impact than one would anticipate considering the sack numbers. The regression is only affecting a handful of left tackles, and right defensive ends are not getting an inordinate number of sacks, which would have boosted their progression unnaturally.

While the worst of the starting left tackles suffered heavy losses to their Pass Block rating, the majority of the league was able to sustain their rating or increase it. The number of left tackles with 80+ pass block rating really didn’t change, starting the first season at 44 and ending with the same number, 46 at the start of the second season, and 45 at the start of the third. Balance around the league then looks to be steady.


However certain players did have their Pass Block rating decimated. When a user comes up against CPU team with a starting left tackle that has a horrible rating that’s where this problem is really exposed. Lets take a look at some of the players that struggled the most in season one.

Jermon Bushrod
Gave up 36 sacks. Began the season 79 Overall with 87 Pass Block. Ended the season 80 Overall with 67 Pass Block.

Somehow Bushrod’s Overall went UP despite losing 20 points in Pass Block. Huh?

Greg Robinson
Gave up 32 sacks. Began the season 74 Overall with 73 Pass Block. Ended the season 74 Overall with 46 Pass Block.

Again, the Overall Rating is not moving like you’d expect. Robinson lost 27 points in Pass Block, yet his Overall stayed the same.

Michael Oher
Gave up 26 sacks. Began the season 72 Overall with 78 Pass Block. Ended the season 77 Overall with 73 Pass Block.

Alright so his Overall Rating went up 5 points? Weird. Maybe it’s because he had 13 pancakes. His Pass Block only fell by 5 too which doesn’t line up with the previous two players.

Demar Dotson
Gave up 26 sacks. Began the season 80 Overall with 91 Pass Block. Ended the season 77 Overall with 73 Pass Block.

Dotson was an outlier in this test. He began with a high Pass Block rating which fell by 18. Most of the relatively highly rated tackles fared much better, even those who gave up a lot of sacks.

Ryan Kalil
Gave up 26 sacks. Began the season 73 Overall with 73 Pass Block. Ended the season 78 Overall with 68 Pass Block.

Somehow his Overall went up and Pass Block only fell by 5 points.

Branden Albert
Gave up 25 sacks. Began the season 90 Overall with 94 Pass Block. Ended the season 87 Overall with 86 Pass Block.

Similar ratings and sacks surrendered to Dotson but his Pass Block rating didn’t fall nearly as much. It’s unclear why that is the case.

Cordy Glenn
Gave up 20 sacks. Began the season 86 Overall with 92 Pass Block. Ended the season 88 Overall with 90 Pass Block.

His ratings barely moved despite giving up 20 sacks. What is causing some to drop dramatically and others to do so only marginally?


Right now, this seems to be more of a stats issue than a regression one. With those numbers of sacks allowed, players should see their ratings drop dramatically. Given that the CPU doesn’t make a change at starter based on poor performance once they start struggling it’s all downhill from there. With the Overall rating not changing like one would expect, the CPU continues to play them throughout the season despite their apparent inability to pass block.