First alternate court makes it into NBA 2K16

Posted December 1st, 2015 at 8:30 am

NBA 2K16 Warriors alternate court

2K Sports has done an admirable job of updating NBA 2K16, with not just the expected consistent roster updates and patches but also content additions that include new uniforms. A few are still missing, with many more including the Christmas jerseys anticipated sometime soon, but the majority of those that have debuted this season are in the game. Today the post-release support extended even beyond that with the addition of an alternate court.

The Golden State Warriors alternate court will now appear when the Hardwood Classics uniforms are selected for home games. The Milwaukee Bucks also have an alternate court this season so there’s hope now that’ll make it in at some point as well. Unlike the uniform additions the new court is not attached to a roster, which means it can be utilized within previously started modes.