Free-to-play model on consoles for sports games getting closer to reality

Posted December 2nd, 2015 at 9:00 am


While Ultimate Team modes have saved sports games in some regards, what they have also done is bought publishers some time to evaluate the best course of action when it comes to future distribution methods. Whether that be a subscription plan, something that could be done with EA Sports and they’ve already started down that road with EA Access, or the free-to-play model, smaller franchises and those which have been struggling have to consider a way in which they will be able to survive and potentially thrive.

Pro Evolution Soccer will be the first series to dip its toe into the free-to-play waters, going beyond the way in which it has begun to creep in with EA Access as games are added to the Vault while they still hold relevance. A limited version of PES 2016, with far lesser content but full myClub (Ultimate Team equivalent) capabilities, will be made available on PS4 and PS3 next week. I got together with Rich Grisham to discuss what it all means, as PES 2016 has made lots of news recently from the inexcusable inability to update rosters in a timely manner to the announcement that UEFA Euro content will be added for free next year.