MLB The Show 16 stream focused on Road to the Show and ShowTime

Posted February 4th, 2016 at 5:00 pm

MLB The Show 16 Josh Donaldson cover

Just over a week ago a number of improvements and additions were detailed for Road to the Show mode in MLB The Show 16. Among them were gameplay perks and ShowTime, both of which weren’t very warmly received as concerns have arisen about the mode getting too gimmicky. More attractive to RTTS veterans is no longer having to go back to the menus after every game and enhancements to scouting and the Topps Prospect Showcase.

MLB The Show 16 developers dove in deeper to RTTS with the first of eight scheduled live streams. In addition to looking at more perks and ShowTime, the stream showed off some new touches like an on-screen indicator for Directional Hitting, on-screen info like home run distances and hit speed, while noting there will be three new brands of equipment, sounds will come out of the PS4 controller, and there will be no tattoos or face scanning functionality.