MLB The Show 16 will have a draft mode of its own in Diamond Dynasty

Posted March 5th, 2016 at 4:15 pm


One of the most popular additions to any sports game last year was Draft Champions in Madden NFL 16. That mode allowed people to creatively craft a team’s roster through a limited draft and then use the team without any lengthy commitment being required. EA Sports followed that up with a similar mode in FIFA 16, known as FUT Draft, though instead of being independent it was contained within Ultimate Team mode.

Now it appears MLB The Show 16 will have its own “draft” mode to be associated with Diamond Dynasty, though it may not be the same as far as online competition being the focus. Details from SCEA are slated for this coming week but some retailers have already spoiled the two new ways to play that will be found in the team-building mode.

Battle Royale Mode
The ultimate high-stakes Diamond Dynasty experience, this mode challenges users to take a drafted squad through a single-player, online tournament. Each win will bring a new set of rewards closer, but only the best players will stand the Battle Royale test.

Conquest Mode
This single-player online experience takes your Diamond Dynasty team on the road as you travel through North America en route to becoming America’s most popular team. As you earn fans, strategically move them to hold territories or help take over new territories as you attempt to achieve baseball manifest destiny.