More on the two new ways to play in MLB The Show 16 Diamond Dynasty

Posted March 9th, 2016 at 6:00 am


While the basic descriptions were leaked through retail channels earlier, SCEA has now gone further into detail on the two new ways to play that will be found in MLB The Show 16’s Diamond Dynasty Mode: Battle Royale and Conquest.

Battle Royale adapts the concept found with Draft Champions in Madden NFL 16 and FUT Draft in FIFA 16. The online head-to-head games are played with teams that have been drafted. There is a cost of entry with “Stubs” for each tournament and card packs given as rewards. The most intriguing part of the mode is that people will get to use players they may not get a chance to with their normal Diamond Dynasty team but it’s disappointing that the games are limited to just three innings. Not only does that mean the exposure to those players will be extremely limited, but the games themselves may not be all that satisfying in how they play out.

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