NBA 2K16 may be getting a Steph Curry patch

Posted March 11th, 2016 at 11:30 am


Earlier this week on the Press Row Podcast two NBA 2K gameplay developers joined the show to discuss the development challenge that Stephen Curry has become for prestigious video game series. Curry hasn’t relented since and on Wednesday night made another absurd shot from beyond half-court. He’s now shooting 68% on shots from 28-50 feet out. The subject of getting his virtual self right isn’t going away, and 2K Sports is working towards giving Curry the abilities that he has in real life in the video game.

Some big news came out of that discussion. 2K16 could be getting a patch – if it happens it would be around May – to give Curry additional capabilities in the game. The form that is likely to come in would be one or more exclusive badges that would allow him to make contested shots at a higher percentage and make shots from ridiculous distances at a more appropriate rate.

Not only would it be unprecedented – a video game requiring an update to properly represent one specific player who can do things no one else can – but it would be arriving about eight months after release of 2K16. Annualized sports games generally don’t provide support that late into the cycle, outside of roster updates, as development focus has long before then shifted to the upcoming edition in the series instead.

For those who missed it here’s the Press Row Podcast episode or check out the specific segment as uploaded to Youtube below.