NBA 2K community upset after company fails to live up to promise made on social media

Posted March 24th, 2016 at 5:00 am


NBA 2K’s social media accounts have always toyed with the emotions of the community, whether ignoring legitimate concerns about the products, taking shots at competitors, or pushing promotions that cost them nothing but force engagement ending with only a select few being rewarded. The latest controversy though relates to the a failure to live up to a promise and many are expressing frustration with the treatment they’ve received on social media. 

That tweet was made nearly two years ago. Earlier this week the account finally reached a million followers yet the code provided by 2K Sports is not the one they said would be coming. They used a tactic to get more people to follow the account and now have reneged on the deal.

2K Sports instead revealed a limited-time locker code “1MILLION” which provides a random item for the game. The majority are finding their “gift” to be things like tattoos, animations, apparel for their MyPlayer characters, meager amounts of MT or VC, and useless players for MyTeam.

There’s now an #unfollow2K hashtag on Twitter that has spread enough to cause the follower count to drop back below a million. 2K may claim they made the offer back in 2014 with NBA 2K14 (not 2K16) in mind but that’s not really a believable explanation. If that was the intention back then, it was disingenuous to begin with, as they full well knew they would not be reaching a million followers in the four months that followed until 2K15 arrived. It ended up taking almost two years to get there despite soaring popularity and engagement numbers.

Hopefully 2K follows through and provides a code for a MyTeam Diamond player. In the meantime they continue to damage the perception of the company fans have on social media.