Online issues remain a pressing concern for MLB The Show 16

Posted April 12th, 2016 at 7:30 pm

MLB The Show 16 broken

Despite multiple server-side updates and a patch, MLB The Show 16 has continued to suffer from online-related issues. Whether it be menu slowdown due to the servers, or an inability to get online games started or completed, the situation has seemingly not improved and in some ways only worsened. Sony San Diego released a statement this evening that work on another emergency patch is ongoing and could release in the “coming days.”

We are aware of and continue to track and investigate issues related to server stability and online play, including a “Challenge Failed” message many users have encountered. There are also reports of inconsistent head-to-head matchmaking and some minor offline issues we’re exploring as well.

In addition to the “Challenge Failed” errors there have been many instances where matchmaking simply didn’t locate an opponent. When games have successfully started some are freezing up at various points for unknown reasons. As more people are completing Conquest mode in Diamond Dynasty, greater numbers are turning to head-to-head competition in the team-building mode and the frustration is growing as whatever patience consumers have with issues that follow release has dissipated after two full weeks.