NBA 2K16 now free with PlayStation Plus

Posted June 7th, 2016 at 1:00 pm

NBA 2K16 All-Star Game Uniforms Toronto 2016

Last week it was revealed that NBA 2K16 would be among the free games for June with PlayStation Plus subscriptions on PS4. Today the offering has gone active and is expected to be available through July 4. Those with PS+ can download the game and keep it for as long as they have an active subscription.

Sports games have generally not been included in the free games program whether it be through Microsoft or Sony. That’s due in part to their limited cycle of relevance and need to maximize sales during that period, but also because there’s the EA Access program on XB1 pulling in the EA Sports games which the company won’t be giving to a competing subscription service. That leaves only a few options on the table.

NBA 2K16 remains relevant as the NBA Finals have yet to even wrap up. Even with it releasing earlier than ever there’s still over three months until 2K17 arrives. Though the majority with heavy interest in the game may already own it, there will now be the opportunity to grab it for free and sell/trade-in those copies, and new players may end up spending money digitally within the game and/or buy 2K17.