New and modified rewards for Battle Royale with patch to MLB The Show 16

Posted July 21st, 2016 at 1:00 pm


A new patch went out today for MLB The Show 16 that has modified the reward system for Battle Royale. The draft-style mode within Diamond Dynasty that features a run of 3 inning games that ends with 2 losses will now award players at thresholds differing from the previous levels of 2 wins, 6 wins, 12 wins, and 20 wins.

Card rewards will now be granted at 3 wins, 6 wins, 9 wins, 12 wins, and 20 wins. Additionally, rewards will be better for a team that goes 12-0 vs a team that loses once on the way to 12 wins, and the highest value cards will be given at both 12 and 20 wins. 

The changes appear to have been made to provide more incentive for the mode to be played (and of course 1,500 Stubs spent on the entry fee) now that the game has been out for nearly 4 months. As time has gone on Battle Royale has seen its appeal degrade somewhat and there’s a few reasons for that being the case.

Chief among them is that as Diamond Dynasty teams get more built-up the potential rewards from Battle Royale and the Standard Pack that comes with it become less important. There’s been no guarantee a 6 or even 12 win run would net a player that would even see action on those teams. There’s also there’s the simple difficulty most people will find in reaching 12 wins let alone the ultimate goal of getting to 20. Adding a level at 9 makes a lot of sense, as does backing up the first reward to 3 wins in order to compensate a bit for the extra cards that will be going out to those advancing deeper.