NFC Team Ratings for Madden NFL 17

Posted August 5th, 2016 at 9:30 am


The Panthers lead the way in the NFC with the team ratings for Madden NFL 17 despite losing the top rated cornerback in the video game (Josh Norman) and a few other solid contributors from last season. One factor to remember however is that Kelvin Benjamin will be back and he alone will make the offense more dynamic.

The Packers, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Cowboys follow closely behind. Arizona and Carolina have tied for the best offense while the best defense resides in Seattle.

These ratings are meant to be a representation of the “whole” but don’t necessarily reflect how effective the teams will be in Madden. The number of players rated 90+ and 80+ on the rosters maybe says more about them. Remember, the Overall numbers are lower with M17, but the actual players are being rated essentially the same or higher this year. 

87 Overall
Carolina Panthers (91 Offense, 87 Defense)

85 Overall
Green Bay Packers (89 Offense, 85 Defense)
Seattle Seahawks (83 Offense, 89 Defense)

84 Overall
Arizona Cardinals (91 Offense, 81 Defense)
Dallas Cowboys (89 Offense, 83 Defense)

81 Overall
Atlanta Falcons (89 Offense, 79 Defense)
Minnesota Vikings (81 Offense, 87 Defense)

80 Overall
New York Giants (83 Offense, 83 Defense)
Philadelphia Eagles (83 Offense, 83 Defense)
Detroit Lions (81 Offense, 83 Defense)
New Orleans Saints (83 Offense, 79 Defense)

79 Overall
Washington Redskins (83 Offense, 81 Defense)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (83 Offense, 81 Defense)

78 Overall
Los Angeles Rams (79 Offense, 81 Defense)

75 Overall
San Francisco 49ers (75 Offense, 79 Defense)

74 Overall
Chicago Bears (73 Offense, 77 Defense)

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