New tuning update makes some adjustments to gameplay in Madden NFL 17

Posted September 23rd, 2016 at 4:30 pm


A tuning update released today for Madden NFL 17 on Xbox One and PS4. Tuners allow EA Sports to make gameplay-related tweaks without necessitating a patch which takes far longer to complete and clear for release. They are downloaded while loading up the game similar to commentary and roster updates and are required for any online play.

Changes made with the latest tuner include making the kick meter penalty more forgiving in bad weather conditions and a reduction in broken tackles and QB fumbles.

♦Reduced kick meter accuracy penalty under rain conditions.
♦Reduced kick meter power penalty under snow conditions.
♦Reduced chances of broken tackles for ball carriers
♦Variety of tuning changes to help defense be more effective vs. running plays
♦Reduced frequency of organic knock-outs after catches
♦Slightly reduced throw-out-of-sack fumble chances
♦Reduced chance for pass-blocking RB’s to Cut-Block
♦Reduce chance for success when pass-blocking RB’s Cut-Block
♦Increased interception chances for user-controlled defenders in Multi-player catches
♦Increased wait-time for Pass Rushers to play shed moves (Reduced “Insta-Sheds”)