Many still missing major piece to NBA 2K17’s pre-order incentive

Posted September 26th, 2016 at 11:30 am

NBA 2K17 Dream Team 1992

2K Sports leveraged the pre-order bonuses for NBA 2K17 throughout the summer as practically the only way in which they were attempting to sell the game. The company stressed the inclusion of the 1992 Dream Team more than anything else yet most of those who bought the game still find themselves without the team.

10 days now have passed since 2K17’s release and based on the number of consumers inquiring about the team missing through social media, and a poll run over the weekend, the Dream Team is nowhere to be found for the majority of those who should have it. 78% of respondents who pre-ordered NBA 2K17 do not have the Dream Team in their game.

This is a huge deal as it’s quite possibly the first time a promise of significant content through a pre-order incentive for a sports game has not been delivered upon and 2K still hasn’t made any comment on the issue. It may come down to them having to patch the team into the game for everyone which would seem to be the most simple solution.

[Update] A massive patch has just gone out but it’s still unclear if it has solved this issue entirely. Even after the patch the team is still missing for some consumers.