NBA 2K17 tuning update looks to bring outside shooting percentages back to reality

Posted October 3rd, 2016 at 9:00 am


One of the bigger complaints about NBA 2K17 in the over two weeks since it has released has regarded shooting percentages, particularly when the shots are being contested. That has been at least somewhat addressed in a gameplay tuning update that went live over the weekend. Gameplay director Mike Wang provided details on some of the changes that have been made to shooting as well as CPU defense:

♦The main change was redefining what the game considers open vs covered vs crowded. Sometimes when users think they play pretty good defense against a shooter, the game actually thinks he’s wide open. So this tweak will basically knock down covered jump shot %’s across the board.

♦Also flattened out the RS aiming bonuses and penalties. Perfect Aim was giving too big of a boost if you were good, and too big of a penalty if you didn’t use the feature.

♦The ‘Limited Range Badge’ was nerfed a little bit. Still a useful badge but people were cheesing it more than we anticipated.

♦Offensive Awareness was reduced for CPU on higher levels while Defensive Awareness was increased for User teammates.

♦Offensive Consistency was reduced for CPU to match the User on Superstar and HoF. Defensive Consistency was increased slightly for both CPU and User.

♦Made a change to fix excessive perimeter double teaming.