Review of Mark McMorris Infinite Air

Posted November 1st, 2016 at 9:45 am

Infinite Air Mark McMorris

Mountain sports games are making a resurgence with three of them releasing in this final quarter of the year. There’s the full-priced Steep in early December, the free-to-play Snow which is currently in beta, and Mark McMorris Infinite Air which arrived last week.

Hopes were high with Infinite Air as it comes from HB Studios which created the well-received The Golf Club. Taking a similar approach from there and applying it to snowboarding just didn’t work out unfortunately. The control scheme is poorly-conceived and the learning curve leads to constant┬ádiscouragement instead of what would need to be a rewarding process to learning and improving. The creation tools are excellent, but outside of that there’s little to Infinite Air that justifies a $50 price point. Check out the full review at Sporting News today!