Review of MLB The Show 17

Posted April 5th, 2017 at 8:45 am

The MLB The Show series is nothing if not consistent and predictable, and that encompasses both the numerous ways in which it excels and any struggles or deficiencies it tends to carry over from one edition to the next.

With MLB The Show 17 noteworthy effort has been put into sprucing up some areas of weakness such as incorporating story-like elements in Road to the Show and two new commentators in the booth, but otherwise there isn’t a whole lot new to be spoken of feature wise. Diamond Dynasty has actually taken a step back unfortunately due to a poor design decision despite the addition quite a bit of content. Gameplay reigns supreme as usual with the series, and while that can compensate for a lot something it can’t overcome are rampant server issues. In the end the game will likely be thought of highly but it’s struggling for the time being.

Check out the full review over at Sporting News which goes into detail on everything in the game including gameplay, presentation, Franchise, Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, and the impact of problematic servers.