The second Diamond Dynasty Event is underway in MLB The Show 17

Posted April 27th, 2017 at 12:15 pm

When the first of the new ‘Events’ in MLB The Show 17’s Diamond Dynasty mode rolled out earlier this month it was met by heavy criticism both for its structure and initial delay from the advertised start date. Outside of the concern over server issues wiping out results or causing crashes mid-game, the feedback was overwhelming that it simply wasn’t reasonable to ask players to invest 40+ hours within a week’s time in pursuit of a single reward. Some changes appear to have been made based on fan response to that first Event.

The new Event will feature teams made up completely of players age 25 or younger, with an Overall Rating for the team capped at 89. The reward tiers are potentially more worth pursuing – though this Event runs for only 4 days and games are longer – with the cumulative wins for the top card being offered once reaching 20 instead of the absurd 80. That’ll net a 77 Overall rated Hardware Flashback Justin Verlander. The streak rewards remain the same with 10 in a row awarding the best card (82 Overall rated Hardware Legend Jackie Robinson). It’s unclear what makes them so desirable however given their unimpressive Bronze and Silver status.

The ’25 and Under Event’ will come to a close on Monday, May 1 at noon PT and involves 6 inning games played online head-to-head with All-Star difficulty utilizing only cards that are currently held in one’s collection. There’s also a new ‘Rookie Series’ card pack available in the marketplace for a pricey 4,500 Stubs. As with all packs it’s generally best advised to steer clear and target specifically desired cards in the marketplace instead.