EA Sports UFC 3 video spotlights new animation and movement technology

Posted November 13th, 2017 at 11:30 am

With the completed initial reveal of features and the soon-to-begin beta for EA Sports UFC 3 there’s going to be little downtime for news and media in the weeks ahead. A new video that features highlight footage captured from the game focuses on improvements seen with the Real Player Motion Tech. The advancements being detailed (for now at least) are primarily for fighting while on the feet, with mention of new animations, locomotion, striking responsiveness, the changed damage system and more.

Powered by Real Player Motion Tech, EA SPORTS UFC 3 features cutting-edge animation technology that makes every move, every strike, and every combination more realistic, responsive, and rewarding. Footwork is now at the forefront of tactical fighting in EA SPORTS UFC 3. New animations brought to life through RPM Tech replicate uninterrupted fighter movement. UFC fighters now move across the mat, close gaps, and manage distances with seamless fluidity.