Madden creative director Rex Dickson has left EA Sports

Posted May 2nd, 2018 at 8:00 pm

Rex Dickson, the creative director of the Madden NFL series since 2012 when Ian Cummings departed the EA Tiburon studio, made it official today that he has left EA Sports for a position with mobile gaming company Backflip Studios. 

Under Dickson’s leadership Madden has been on gradual upward trajectory, with Madden NFL 17 standing out for having made arguably the single biggest leap for the series since Madden NFL 10. Dickson often spoke his mind which was great for engaging the community but also led to gaffes when being a bit too brash and combative such as challenging 2K Sports to make a competing product when EA has the exclusive league license secured. Mostly though it was his passion for the the game and desire for a true simulation that shone through and endeared him to those who hoped Madden would reach its potential.

It’s difficult to say what this will mean for the immediate future of Madden NFL 19 and beyond for the series until the new leadership lays out their vision.

Dickson didn’t seem thrilled with the focus on the Longshot story mode with Madden NFL 18 while Franchise took a back seat but he was at least publicly a supporter of the ultra-successful Ultimate Team and currently failing esports initiatives. Where resources are spent is a battle fought behind the scenes every year with sports games. It’s unclear whether Dickson left because his vision for Madden didn’t mesh with other decision-makers, but the comment about giving Madden “a chance for a new direction” essentially says as much.