NBA Finals predicted by NBA 2K18

Posted May 31st, 2018 at 8:00 am

Traditionally 2K Sports has revealed the cover athlete with a teaser trailer for the upcoming NBA 2K game alongside the start of the NBA Finals. It’s unclear if that will be happening yet again this year but in the meantime a look ahead to the Finals with 2K18 which believes the Warriors have even a better chance of bringing home the title to the bay than oddsmakers suggest.

Check out the full details of the data pulled from over 60 simulations of the NBA Finals in the piece on Sporting News. The simulation engine has been eerily accurate again this year with its predictions and here believes the Warriors have a 94% chance of winning the title with Kevin Durant the likely Finals MVP. There’s a specific formula the Cavaliers need in order to win even with the normal heroics from LeBron James, and it simply doesn’t occur often enough to give them much of a chance at taking four games from Golden State in a series.