The changes that have been made to Madden NFL 20 following the beta

Posted July 19th, 2019 at 9:00 am

The brief beta period for Madden NFL 20 in mid-June provided an opportunity for the developers to gather feedback and analytical data that could be put into action prior to the game’s release next week through EA Access.

Those changes made based on how the beta played out have now been detailed and include the addition of a block and release mechanic for TEs, reduction in fumble chances, improvements to man coverage, and various presentation enhancements. Meanwhile areas people were passionate about not being changed such as the pass rush have not been altered.

Superstar X-Factor Vision and Database

Beta feedback focused on getting more information about which players had abilities and what the abilities were doing, and most importantly get this information during a game

X-Factor Vision be available in pre-play by holding down the RT/R2 button and rotating the RS/R3 stick around the wheel to view all the superstars on the field and their abilities.

In order to facilitate getting players this information while in-game, some changes had to be made to defensive pre-play adjustments. While we know these changes will create some temporary friction in the opening week, we are confident that our players will learn the button-mapping in a short amount of time. Here’s a list of the pre-play changes:

♦RT/R2 in pre-play is now Superstar Vision AND play-art
♦LT/L2 in pre-play is now Coach Cam with the Match-Up wheel
♦LB/L1 is now defensive keys (previously LT/L2)
♦Defensive Line adjustments are now Left D-Pad (previously LB/L1)
♦Linebacker adjustments are now Right D-Pad (previously RB/R1)

Superstar Database, where you can look at the superstars on each team and read about their abilities will be available in the Team Select screen, the Pause Menu and will be the focus of all the loading screens.


♦Pass Rush: No Changes Made

♦Passing Animations: No Changes Made

♦User-controlled TE block and release mechanic added: Blue route/Block and Release TE’s will now pass block until the user presses his receiver icon to release him into his route – the higher the TE’s awareness, the more responsive he will be to the button press. This is a particularly important counter to edge rushers, but will have a max value that will force him to release to prevent players from dropping the QB back too far to buy time for a release route.

♦Man Coverage: Made some very surgical updates to man coverage: tuned the WR cut-moves to be more effective on post and corner routes (man-beaters) for Post & Corner specialist abilities. Made man coverage defenders respect the receiver cut immediately following a press (man beater routes like an ‘out’)

♦Zone Coverage: No change

♦Fixed most reported handoff/playbook bugs: QB not handing off, QB getting tackled after the snap, QB not being able to throw after a PA fake. Any remaining issues in this space will be addressed in an early title update

♦Illegal Man Downfield: Frequency (No change) You must get the ball out quickly to avoid a penalty; you have about 2 seconds to throw it, even if there is a player downfield as long as he’s not engaged in a block. Changed the penalty interface so that the penalty is assessed to the offending lineman instead of the QB.

♦Pass Lead: Tuning to improve accuracy on Pass Leading and Extended Pass Leading

♦Fixed Tom Brady’s Conductor ability. This ability was allowing the QB to use unlimited hot routes in pre-play instead of just 2X as fast.

♦Ball Carrier mode: Fixed issue where the QB in ball carrier mode could give up and the play wouldn’t be blown dead.

♦Added Stiff Arm penalty: Stiff Arm felt a bit too powerful so there will be an associated stamina penalty

♦Reduced the number of active abilities to 3 per side for the Pro Bowl. A vast majority of players gave feedback that the Pro Bowl first experience was overwhelming with so many superstars on the field at one time. As a result, there will only be three active superstars on either side of the ball that are active in the Pro Bowl.


♦More variety of pre-game runouts, spread out across more stadiums

♦New wipes leading into Quarter-end, Timeouts, Two-Minute Warning, as well as at the conclusion of Ultimate Team challenges

♦Signature cut scenes highlighting Superstar players, including pre-game run-outs, pre-game hype and after-play reactions

♦QB user-celebrations added for player-locked QB’s on touchdown passes, accompanied by supporting presentation

♦A variety of new stadium beauty shots and cut scene camera angles

♦Augmented UI to highlight when X-Factors enter the Zone

♦New logic for postplay presentation that focuses on showing reactions that matter most while reducing the time spent watching general, less exciting reactions