2K Calls Out EA on NBA Live 10 Patch

Posted October 27th, 2009 at 1:03 pm

In a post on their official forums (which has since been deleted) 2K Sports community manager Ronnie Singh responded to the wide-spread sentiment that the recently released NBA Live 10 patch took into account community feedback. The patch for NBA 2K10 won’t be arriving for some time still and the positive response to the Live patch along with it being out in time for the start of the NBA season prompted the following response:

To say that the Live patch was based on community feedback is outrageous. There is no way they could get days/weeks of feedback, build a patch to fix all their issues, have passed cert, etc. without a very simple thing: they were building the patch before release. I shouldn’t even have to make you clear about this. You guys saw our efforts to get actual feedback as we put up countless threads about it. That’s real effort.

Just like the constant shots at EA on Twitter this statement is at best unprofessional. It would be one thing if 2K10 was overwhelmingly well received but with the poor framerate, numerous glitches, and non-functional online play there isn’t much reason they should be taking shots at the competition. It doesn’t take community feedback to recognize those core issues with the game.

One aspect that isn’t being taken into consideration here is the early release of the NBA Live 10 demo. Feedback started being collected then with one prime example being suggestions that EA add a manual backdown mechanic, which they immediately responded to and included in the patch. The early demo has proven beneficial as community feedback has been directly taken into consideration in recent games such as Live and NHL 10. They both arrived nearly a month in advance of their respective release dates. On the other hand NBA 2K10 did not release a demo for the 360 until a week before the game came out while the PS3 got it over a week after release and they chose not to put out a demo at all for NHL 2K10.

  • Mastershake jr

    Ive been a in 2k forums since last year telling them how bad their game is and now its finally coming out. Admin Ron is so lazy its ridiculous. Everybody at 2k is lazy. I was in the thread when he said that statement above and let me jus say it showed his immaturity. Taking shots at another brand because they got their stuff right and they didnt is so stupid. My thing is if Live did work on their patch before the game came out then why couldnt 2k. Its cause they lazy. They started working on the game extra late and it came out like trash. Im so glad that i bought both of them on the release date. So now that 2k is busted and broken i play Live. Anybody in here that wanna hit me up on Live,Madden or tryna play my club on NHL hit me up. My gamertag is Mastershake jr and im on xbox 360.