MLB 2K10 Patch Completed For 360

Posted March 10th, 2010 at 9:00 pm

While MLB 10: The Show gamers lament the fact that a patch won’t even start being worked on until the end of the month, 2K Sports has announced that they have completed a patch for MLB 2K10 and have submitted it to Microsoft for certification. That means it should be arriving within the next two weeks barring complications in the certification process.

Details on what the patch entails have not been provided. Hopefully it includes toned down fielder arm strength, will fix the issue preventing online ranked games from being played, and improves (or maybe better stated adds) manager AI in My Player mode. There are many other areas that could be enhanced through a patch but those have been the most frequently cited.

It is worth noting that the statement made was specific about it being a 360 patch and no information has been made public about the PS3. This could be an indication that 2K does not plan to patch the PS3 (they left NHL 2K10 gamers on the PS3 out in the cold) or that it just wasn’t as much of a priority to rush this initial feedback response patch out for that console due to the lower number of sales. I would have trouble imagining the MLB would allow their exclusive third party provider to favor one console over the other though so hopefully a patch for the PS3 will be announced as completed very soon.

  • mattcolby

    Hope is nice, but unfortunately it's a little unrealistic to think they're going to be able to fix all the AI issues in franchise mode that they couldn't fix in months of development. The obvious stuff will not get fixed because it had to be obvious to them as well when testing it. They'll fix some little things, I'm sure, but don't count on the franchise mode doing a 180 anytime soon. Can we at least hope for next year?

    I just love playing this game, period. It's the first sports game that I could care less about the franchise mode because the actual gameplay is so sweet.(although it would have been nice to have a decent franchise to play) I just play short seasons with different teams and am having a blast. The gameplay in-game is unmatched. No complaints there.

  • t. daley

    WRONG!!!!!! you have 10 days to return a game in GAMESTOP. You wont get cash back but you will get store credit to spend on another game that you will inevitibly complain about.

    • mattcolby

      Um, sir, I think you need to get your facts straight. The ONLY way you can return a game that’s been opened is if it’s defective and ONLY for the same title. Yes, if you don’t open it you can certainly return it. They do, however, have a seven day policy on their used games, but not on new ones.

      Besides, if they had a 10 day policy on new games people would be buying them, beating them, then returning them all the time. There’s no way they’d survive with a policy like that.

  • t. daley

    You really think thats funny Amen. What are you like 10…….Oh yeah… ARE. It is funny how easily amused you are, which is surprising since you are such a tool when it comes to the Show which is by far the greatest baseball game to date.

  • t. daley

    Wow you are too cool. perhaps if you had any nuts you would actually tag your own name onto your posts but being that you are a nutless wonder, it doesn't surprise me one bit. Oh and BTW 2kronnie said you can pick up your panties anytime at his place.

  • t. daley

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  • mattcolby

    Don't mean to get in the middle of this pointless online bickering, but you're the one saying get a life and you're the one who went through the trouble of finding and listing all those alter egos. Do you think anyone really cares? As long as posts aren't moderated this will happen, so just chill and ignore it, dude. Seriously.

    Some of us actually would like to have an intelligent conversation on this board from time to time. Wishful thinking…

  • t. daley

    Exactly why would it be bad precedent. There is no precedent b/c you have your head up your ASS and you have no idea WTF you are talking about. You are speculating about something as rediculous as Sony intentionally holding up the approval process of a patch for a game that is played on there system.

    In your feeble mind, didn't ever occur to you that their would be legal ramifications if that were true? Don't you think 2k would be all over that in court and on there boards. Get a life moron. The fact of the matter is that 2k baseball is irrelevant on the PS3 and it has hardly sold enough copies to warrant the time and money to effect a patch. WTF do you think, fixing the game is for free. People get paid moron. 2k isnt going to take people away from other projects to fix a version of there game that hardly anyone is playing. Grow up kid and learn the adult world.

  • Oscar G.

    People buy games for specific reasons. If someone buys MLB The Show for a functioning franchise mode then it should deliver. I don't see how people can excuse this. Its actually a legitimate complaint.

    The gameplay is pretty good, however, I only wish I could immerse the experience in a “realistic” franchise.

  • sroeland

    Franchise worked pretty well last year…there is NO reason this year's Franchise mode should be this messed up.

    I can only play exhibition games for so long and need something other than RTTS to play. Season mode is OK, but I enjoy managing my minor league teams, making transactions and doing budget activities.

    I still can't get over how some of the franchise issues missed QA testing…

  • Tsaunders


    How is the online play now? I dont really want to get it if its lagging online. Baseball games need perfect connection in order to hit. And I want to play in online leagues.

  • Stan

    It's I-M-B-E-C-I-L-E. Kettle, meet the pot.

  • Stan

    It's I-M-B-E-C-I-L-E. Kettle, meet the pot.

  • GMarks

    I dont know where u get you info from.

  • frankie

    can someone help me out..i completed my rookie season as a pitcher in 2k10 player mode and i dont know how to advance to the off season or to the next season,where the schedule is supposed to be,theres only the post season results,please help

  • LilHuhs3

    How do I get it?