Madden 11 Adding True Online Team Play

Posted April 23rd, 2010 at 7:52 am

When online co-op was delivered last year, with two users able to connect together and face the CPU, that was intended somewhat as a bridge to an Online Team Play mode that was to come. That will be delivered in Madden 11 as Gamestop has posted a listing of features which includes the mention of 3v3 Online Team Play. This is likely what is being referred to in the trailer as what will “reinvent the way you play football online”.

With Madden 10 I posted impressions on the online co-op mode where I predicted this very development for Madden 11 and went over issues with the mode that hopefully will have been ironed out for this year. 3-on-3 Team Play makes the most sense for a football game. On defense everyone tends to have a different position they enjoy controlling, or can adapt to several, but on offense most users will want to control the skill positions. This leaves the QB, RB, and WR as the most likely to be taken over. I could see 4-on-4 working well down the line also.

As opposed to other games where Team Play has been successful with every individual user controlled like FIFA, NHL, and NBA Live, it is good to see it capped at this number for now. What you don’t want are games filling up and then people dropping out in the middle of them. The more users to get involved also leads to more difficult arranging games and ultimately more potential for trouble in terms of disconnects and lag or those who could look to ruin the experience for others.

There does need to be something that will attach users to the mode and keep them coming back to it, whether that be on an individual level like tracking of lifetime stats even down to particular positions and lifetime game results or a more team based solution like the EA Sports Hockey League. If the Online Team Play in Madden ends up being just one-off games the mode won’t have lasting appeal.

What are your thoughts on the addition of 3v3 Online Team Play? Leave them in the comments and make sure to follow all the Madden 11 news from the last 24 hours at the Madden Draft Day News Tracker.

  • Lake Allen

    Great news! The coop last year like you said after I tried it a few times I didnt have the urge to play it anymore because there was nothing on the line. Excited for team play but there needs to be something on the line to make it worthwhile.

  • I can't wait to get my group together for some 3v3 competition. My only issue is how nerve racking it will be trying to switch defenders on a pass play. Maybe they will take the ability to switch out of 3v3, so users control the same player the entire play. Otherwise, we're liable to see people running all whilly-nilly trying to figure out which guy they are controlling…

    Either way, I'm eager to get into it. 😀

  • If I remember right with the co-op you could switch pre-play but not post-play. I think that is the way it should be for this mode.

  • Clifton

    Not really a feature used by most players, so eh….Online franchise is where its at especially leagues for MSpoints

  • arod111

    Sounds cool but what they could do is let the people take their superstar character and play like that i agree with you pasta that is what they probally would do and its a good idea

  • EASHL is a big reason why NHL propelled into such high popularity. OTP in FIFA is HUGELY popular. Done right in Madden it could be a huge element of the game used by a lot of people.

  • Yeah that is a possibility that would be intriguing. I think the first option for most would be controlling NFL players, people just want to do that, but having like EASHL with your own player is compelling in a totally different way.

  • Quan

    Cool, I been online team play on NBA Live 10 and it enjoyed it.

  • what't up with offline franchise, another year the real fans are thrown on the back burner.

  • jonnay420

    Can you play 3 players from the same console?… Or can your teammates only be other online players?

  • deepen03

    “See It. Hear It. Feel It. – Experience a new level of excitement with revamped audio presentation. From the booth to the field, Madden NFL 11 brings gameday to your living room like never before. Details Coming Soon! “

    -ESPN Presentation maybe??

  • AmenRa

    Man this shit is garbage too!!!

    You guys remember the 6-man hookup for the PS@? Guess what? No one played that shit because it was bogus. This sounds cool but in reality, a bunch of people will just be bitching about the playcalling and taking forever to play the game.

    Man I hope they are saving Franchise news for last because thus far I have not seen one single thing about Madden that has me psyched. NCAA on the other-hand looks like it's the game to get.

  • Theres no network presentation. No NFLN, ESPN, CBS, ect. Gus Johnson is in as commentator though.

  • It works in other games and is very popular. No reason why, if implemented well, it wouldnt work for Madden.

  • alex

    Hey pasta. you think they will make it like the old maddens where u have to tap the Y button at the right time to catch the ball. Actually require some skill. Unlike in these past few maddens all u have to do is hold the dam button. would make playing receiver alil bit more fun.

  • Danny

    Hope the games are ranked games, so we can keep track of all the games we play.

  • Ben

    So is this supposed to be the big news that makes Madden 11 worth getting?

  • Theres still a bunch more to learn, but we know about OTP, Gus Johnson, Locomotion, and the GameFlow play-calling. I don't know if any of those would be sold as the sole reason to get the game, but they're starting to add up in an encouraging way.

  • Mike

    Any word on the camera angles? last years co op the camera was awful, it needs to just be the regular camera and then this game mode will take off like NHL did.

  • DrMethodical

    I COMPLETELY agree. The only time the zoom up might be worth throwing in is when you're the ball carrier. Otherwise, it should mirror closer to ESPN Football 2004, but with your created players.

    Creating a player for every position instead of just a single player would save time and disconnects. Imagine if in NHL 10 you had a Forward build and a Defender build, so that when you had to play Defense, you were prepared at all times.

    So have the player creation be where you create a player at several positions, like a QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DB, LB, DL. Then, if you're entering an OTP game and all that's left is Defensive linemen, you're not running around with a cornerback.

  • moneyman

    why when someone quits on you doesnt give you an automatic victory??

  • deepen03

    so Johnson is replacing Hammond?

  • marquell

    it sucks right now

  • frank

    you can switch post-play

  • alberto

    ummm so on offense u can run qb, wr, and hb? but wut about defense is it anything or is it 3 defined position?

  • Sjjerkkings

    so i just saw the world premier on tv about online team play, which says you can play with up to 2 other friends on the same team against another group of 3. My question is can you do this from the same console and tv or do you have to actually do it with a friend online in a different place? My roommate and I play on the same team all the time in franchise modes but only have our 1 xbox n 1 tv, will we be able to play together at our apartment??? nowhere i look has any insight on this EA HELPPP this will basically determine if i buy this game or not.

  • Raypalkie

    dude, this was the funnest way to play football back in espn 2k4, me and my friends would play for hours. And I hope its ranked, cuz if not then nobody will play. Its a lot more fun to play with people, unless your a troll living in your moms basement and trying to achieve a meaningless rank in a video game. Peace

  • rick

    I hope they got it set up so u can play at 1 persons house together rather than have to hook to somebody else online?? Anybody know? thx