NBA 2K12 on PS3 Gets Patched to Address Freezing Issue at Boot

Posted February 24th, 2012 at 9:00 am

For several weeks many consumers of NBA 2K12 on the PS3 have had difficulties in getting the game to a load up completely and advance to the main menu – instead being met by a game freeze when the saved settings would attempt to load. A workaround, to delete game files, seemed to allow access to the game in the meantime though even that didn’t work for everyone and frustration from those locked out completely from playing NBA 2K12 had been building.

Yesterday an update was released on the PS3 that should fix the issue and hopefully put it to bed. No word yet however on whether content such as saved shoes that were lost in the deletion of files will be recovered in some fashion. Early reports seem to suggest that the patch has worked and the freeze at start-up is no longer present for those who were having difficulty with it – but it’s something that will need to be monitored in the days ahead.

  • Keith.

    Deleting the game file worked fine for me.  I’d bet anybody still complaining doesn’t even have the game, and instead is simply piling on to make 2k look bad.

    • Skopin

       It worked for me for about a week, then it started freezing at the menu. I was able to play again after the patch though, but I did lose all the shoes, which is kind of frustrating. My main game mode is My Player, so the shoes were kind of a big deal in that.

      • Primee3

        Hi, where did you find the patch; still frozen out of game and going insane. Need your help

        • Skopin

           It should prompt you to download it as soon as you start up the game, as long as you’re online and signed in to PSN.

    • jbl72

       They don’t need any help

      • Keith.

        Hey, it’s been awhile since my least favorite EA Game Changer showed his head around here.  Wish I could say it was good to see you.

        I’ll never forget the time you called 2k football “a joke.”  Talk about a complete loss of credibility.

        • jbl72

           I am honored you noticed me considering how hard you ride 2K’s crotch.

          If you want to play Remember When, how about when you first started coming here how you cried over all of the hours of the research you did on Backbreaker yet nobody would believe you when you said it was gonna be the “greatest football game of all time”

          • Keith.

            BB is the best football game of all time, IMO — and I’ve played well over 300 games of it online (it’s sold over 260,000 copies at this point and still has a great online fan base).

            Following it very close behind is 2k football, which we all know would make Madden 12 look like a joke if it were still around. Hell, I’d wager that Madden would’ve gone the way of NBA Elite (that is, out of date and out of business) if EA hadn’t overpaid for the exclusives 8 years ago).

            Which Madden are you here to tell us is the greatest football game of all time?

          • jbl72

            That statement just shows you’re a fanboy.  The game shipped unplayable and the only reason it wound up with that many units sold was because it dropped to $20 overnight.

            Yep that All Pro Football sure made Madden look bad.  LOL  It went straight to the dump bin in no time flat.

            I never said Madden was perfect but it sure as hell isn’t the cause for all of society’s ills.  Tecmo Bowl/Super Bowl is the greatest football game imo just for the pure fun they provide.

          • Amen_Ra

            Damn Keith is always exposing you EA plugs.  LOL, another game changer

          • jbl72

             This coming from someone who defended NCAA 12? 

          • V68T

            LMAO. Backbreaker was horrendous. Not even the guys who worked on it would say it was any good now.

    • Paul

      My game freezes after the first quarter in ever game since 1.04 and the patch didn’t fix it at all, still happens, tried deleting the files several times but still doesn’t do anything.

    • 12345

      you shouldnt have to delete the game file to get the game to work lol

    • Whiteboyon67av

      Dumb to say I’ve been searching every other day for a month to see if anyone else had still been having problems a lot of people had the delete files thing work I’ve done that over 10 times re-downloading every time with no results the only reason anyone wouldn’t have the game would be they gave up on the damn thing now I gotta try this. If they’re game worked they’d probably be playing it not searching for solutions or writing to 2k u think about that one?

    • Skopin

       2k definitely needs help to look bad. I mean, taking over 2 weeks to fix an issue that made the game literally unplayable, waiting months to make features that are listed on the box available, and removing one of the most popular game modes from last year’s online is definitely something that makes the fans happy.

  • T66F

    finally. i hadnt been able to play the game since then. kind of lost interest in the meantime. might just sell it and put it towards ssx and the show

  • time to move lin back to a 69 rating you bitchy man baby’s

  • chalmers > lin, dont think so? go watch the tape, rio owned him 1 on 1

  • Me

    Pasta, any word on potential trades and when they’ll be updated. I mean I am 99% sure Dwight Howard will be a laker and gasol will be a bull and there still not included in a roster update. Taj Gibson also double knots his shoe laces and this hasn’t been included in any player model updates. I also went to the bulls game last Saturday and when I got home and played today’s game, I was nowhere to be found. Hopefully EA will fix these things.

    • You are a terrible troll. No one would care about Taj Gibson’s shoe laces. An neither trade will happen.

      • Me

        U are a terrible fool. I am being sarcastic. U guys bitch too much about a great game.

        • I have not “bitched” about the game since I did not care to play it. I have 2k11 and they did nothing new for association in 2k12. I will wait for the next one.

          If people “bitch” why should it ruin your day. If you like it you like it.

          • Me

            My day is awesome

        • Skopin

           What is this “great game” you speak of?

  • Mwalimu1

    We have the same problem but thought it was the disc. Went out and bought a new game, same issue. 

  • Barkerd85

    my rookies have black arms with the new patch, how do i get rid of that?

    • Skopin

       By waiting for NBA 2k13.

  • Cam

    It’s still messed up. Its rediculous. You get into a game session and now it wont let you start it up the start button in the locker room isn’t there. 

  • RaRa456852

    Idk..I just got the game and it freezes before I can even start a quick game. The update has not worked for me.=[

  • Yrozentsveyg

    Anyone get this problem–> NBA today update Fails..?? i tried deleting DATA but no luck and others say it works if you delete DATA.. though no luck on my end.. looking for any other IDEA’s

  • Jesse

    My 2k12 freezes online and half time takes forever there is not one scratch on the disk nor do I have a internet problem every other game I own works fine online

  • Deus94

    I can no longer sync NBA Today (It reverts back to stock rosters are you fucking kidding me?!) and can’t go online anymore! Rookie black arms are back too..fuck life was better before this patch.

  • Dan

    Loved 2K11, upset at 2K12.  Tried every fix to actually make it through a game – commentary cuts out and hangs at time outs, the end of quarter or half time. Bought the game the day it came out and it has been unplayable. Keep wanting to trade it in – at least get some of my money back but continuing to hope that a fix comes out. Even with the new patch (by deleting game data)  – no luck. We as consumers have NO options except to change where we spend our money next year. 

  • Du24nt

    Live Roster update season mode how to get it without restarting season

  • They need to address Chris Paul Having 99 steals rating & he is not even leading the league in steals….

  • They need to address Chris Paul Having 99 steals rating & he is not even leading the league in steals….

  • santiago

    is there going to be any court patches for the nba teams like the boston celtics TD garden

  • Dwelch714

    yo….2k needs to create another patch for 2k12 on my player mode on ps3….I am in my 8th season on my player and just finished the regular season and i press “play next game” to start the playoffs and the game freezes on the home screen and the music cuts off as well….I refuse to start over and rebulid the 8yrs in my my player that i have done over the last 6th months. Yes, I have done all the suggestions like turning autosave off, deleting all the files and reinstalling the 2k12 update while being logged into the PSN, tried resaving the file over itself after changing some settings or editing my player, tried saving it as a different name, etc etc….still no such luck… yeah I need 2k to be working on a patch and releasing it ASAP for this issue please……I thot I was the only person who had this issue but I saw online that someone else had the same issue after the end of their third season when they pressed “play next game’ it froze on the home screen as well. If i have to wait for another 6 months until 2k13 comes out to play my player i will be highly pissed and highly doubt I will buy it.

  • Macklav

    my game wont download any patches so its still broken, how can i fix this? will buying a new game help?

  • Chefkev

    I have the game and still having the same issue over and over again any suggestions