How To Get Andrew Luck For Use In Madden NFL 12 and 13 Ultimate Team Modes

Posted May 11th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

For those still active with Ultimate Team mode in Madden NFL 12 or planning to play it in Madden NFL 13 an additional pre-order incentive has been added by Amazon. A code for the 99 rated “Future Stars” Andrew Luck card is being emailed out to every pre-order for use immediately in Madden 12. That will then also automatically grant his rookie card (rated 85 or thereabouts) when starting up the mode in Madden 13.

Xbox 360 Version – – – PlayStation 3 Version

The new Ultimate Team bonus is in addition to the pre-order incentive already announced which features Joe Gibbs and Lawrence Taylor for use in Ultimate Team as well as the new “Connected Careers” mode/s. Gamestop does arguably have a stronger duo with John Madden and Barry Sanders if the choice on where to buy is being made with that primarily in mind.

It’s unknown if/when Madden NFL 13 will receive a discounted price or promotional credit (Madden 12 came with a $20 promo credit attached). Still any pre-orders made now would automatically get a lower price or the credit should those come later down the line and orders can always be canceled prior to the shipping date of August 27.

Luck was among the 36 rookies added to Ultimate Team already – and one of the six to get the coveted “Future Stars” version.

  • Dynasty

    Too many 99 ratings, this appeals to casual fans only. Nothing about a snap-less rookie being 99 in any form excites me. They are just trying to make MUT more significant and impressive to the average fan so that that fan will spend money on micro-transactions. 

    • Jarod

      I think it’s sad how if you try to play a MUT game all you see on someone’s depth chart at QB is Marino | Brady | Brees. They really need to tone down on the 99s.

  • Skopin

    So could you pre-order, use the code, then cancel the order?

    • Jarod


  • Larryperry697

    cool,andrew luck 99ovr for madden12 and!!!

    • Josh3469

      just the MUT card is a 99 u idiot not the regular Luck card

  • Skylerblank97

    Wait, If I already had It preodered do I get the code?

    • Jarod

      I believe you will.

  • NoFro904

    Delete this waste of game space and Add more Franchise features.

    • Keith.

      Madden’s sales are way down — they used to hit 7 million across all consoles, and now they’re lucky to hit 5 million. EA has to recoup that $ somewhere, so they milk every last penny they can from the MUT fools.

      • No3456

        Perhaps they should “gasp* make a better product?

  • No3456

    Luck with 99 THP really?

    I realize this is supposed to represent his “best” year, but in no universe does Andrew Luck have John Elway/Matthew Stafford arm strength.

    • get@me

      Brett Farve in his prime could throw the ball 80-85 yards.

  • No way does Andrew Luck come into the roster with those ratings, these must be MUT-specific. What I take out of them though is that Luck WILL have:

    – A speed rating at 78, or in that 75-80 range, meaning…
    – RG3 should be in the high 80s/low 90s, depending on how they rate his track speed.
    – He’ll have decent to above average agility
    – He’ll have some relatively high (high 80s/low 90) passing attributes.

    • No3456

      The 99 rated cards represent the “best” future years of the players.

      There are normal, lower rated cards for the rookies.

      • Ah, didn’t know that. So it must be like a player at full potential or something?

        • No3456


        • Guest

          Suck a dick Jwaan.

          • Oh, ok. I’ll go cry now.

  • hamburger

    im so upset I sold Madden before the Superbowl, now I cant play Andrew Luck omg

    • get@me

      ultimate team continues through-out the year. I never sell madden.

    • No3456

      Eh it’s just MUT.

      • Mr.iTeLLitHOWiSeeIT

        people just need to figure out that this is just a way for EA to keep making money. People are too gullible and EA knows it. Just use real money to buy fake money to play with a Fanasty Football team..smh go to franchise mode and just click fanasty draft on lol save yourself money.. Well good job EA making millions

  • Wake Up

    Can it get any worse? I mean really? We went from good simulation football games from back in the PS2, Xbox, and Dreamcast days to now reading pointless articles about buying fake football cards that give you the ability to play the game as incoming rookies’ with over the top ratings? I have to say, I’m really concerned for our future. Pretty soon they’ll be selling Maddens’ with voodo dolls of players that actualy work! Sad thing is people would buy it…

  • Smsixx

    Anyone who uses their hard earned money on MUT is in serious need of something better in life.

    I HAVE NEVER purchased a pack…and the money they charge for the better packs is ridicuolus…you can go to your local store and buy a real pack of cards for cheaper then what Madden charges…so in a nutshell they are taking your salary so you can play the same game as offered in the modes that are free. 🙂

  • Mcfreakynins

    Hi, im trying to create RG3 in madden 12, but i can’t figure out his QB style (who he throws the ball like). Anyone know what his style is most related to?

  • get@me

    Thanks for that info. But I can’t remember getting a pre-release purchase promotion from GameStop last year. 1 thing I don’t like is all of the cheaters.

  • 43steel43

    f*** this fix the dam gameplay…

  • venom4ya908

    whats lamar millers ratings????