Fix for MyCareer Freeze in NBA 2K13 on Xbox 360 Has Been Submitted

Posted October 6th, 2012 at 11:15 am

Mentioned in an earlier article an issue with progressing through MyCareer mode, specifically on the Xbox 360 and seemingly isolated to the 4GB hard drive version of the console, was immediately identified in NBA 2K13. Those playing the mode have found it impossible to advance beyond the first game in the regular season as the game freezes up at that point.

2K Sports yesterday submitted a patch to Microsoft to address the issue. It is expected to be expedited through the certification approval process as both companies certainly have the motivation to get it out as soon as possible. Potentially then it could release sooner than the typical evaluation period for most updates which can take up to 2 weeks.

  • run23

    Good to hear. Haven’t been able to play it since release day cause of this freeze.

    • not sold

      and people are saying this is the sports goty? clowns…

      sorry but any game that gives no attention to association mode for 4 years, and have 2 consecutive years under their belt where the career mode is broken, and are only now shoveling out a decent online experience…

      ……and 2nd runner up is…

  • GKage

    Does anyone knwo how to unlock more dribble moves for your MyPlayer? I’m at 93 ballhandling/90 off-hand but I cant choose any more iso/crossover/hesitation moves than I could when I first started. In 2k12 they just unlocked and let you choose when you raised your ballhandling stat.

    • H-Town

      I don’t know but i have a couple friends who made PGs and their heights range from 6’1 to 6’7 and they both have 77 dunking and their guys still can’t dunk.

      • GKage

        That’s weird. My PG has a 50 Dunk rating and dunks just fine.

        • H-Town

          yea thats what im saying idk why it wont let them dunk lol.

          • max

            vertical is also important….

          • H-Town

            Well one of my friends put his vertical to 80, idk about the other one. He still couldn’t dunk.

      • clay

        It’s because they need to raise their vertical

    • ygtellez

      Select a dunk package

  • jngfs

    so can you start off as with an ovr higher than in the 60s this year?

    • H-Town

      I don’t think so because it isn’t like you can edit your attributes before you start playing right after creation you go into the showcase, right after showcase you go right into the meeting with GMs, right after you meet with GMs you go to draft. I have no clue how Ronnie2k got his guy in the 70s for draft day.

    • GKage

      Everyone starts at 64. I was drafted 10 to the hornets as a 64. Chris Smoove was drafted as #1 to Hornets and he was 64. Doesn’t make sense imo but hey, they want you to buy VC in the end.

  • Dr. tickles

    PASTA — You look like Pau Gasol

  • ElementalBee1

    Don’t have the euros for my favorite team: Blazers. So no franchise. Can’t start a career with my created player… this game is essentially worthless for my purposes until some updates come out. HURRY THE F–K UP!

    • Phil Shannon

      they come out like in the beginning of november normally

  • Max

    there another majof issue: as soon as you play offline for the first time your VC turn into regular sklil points. that means all VC earnd from other modes cant be used in my career any longer. that sux a lot…

  • WA17

    i havent been able to get through a regular season game since the release date when i got it but the rookie showcase works just fine

  • Dwind90

    See if your dunk packages are set ,I had the same problem with not being able to dunk.

  • lugz814

    Update the game for people like me that didn’t preorder.We paid the same price.

    • H-Town

      but you didnt preorder.

    • 49ersfan1

      there are no updates yet.

  • lugz814

    nO dunk contest or 3 pt shoot out,ex..why?

    • 49ersfan1

      u have to preorder the game.

  • lugz814

    What is gonna be a free Xmas gift. Or free black Friday next month.

  • lugz814

    Does anyone know when people like me will get all the bonus stuff because we didn’t preorder

  • smsixx

    You actually name your player “Pasta Padre”??? fuckin hilarious…

  • 49ersfan1

    i just hate how u have to use VC points in blacktop. thats bs, i used 3000 vc points just to play a nice pickup game with some stars.

    • H-Town

      thats your fault lmao. dont spend money on that.

      • 49ersfan1

        no trust me, i love blacktop, just pissed that i have to actually work hard to get players when i already paid $60.

  • Joe

    Is the 2k my career fixed yet

  • Drew

    Mine is frozen on game 4 in the second round of the playoffs. Every time I try to play a game I get to play about 30 seconds (during which is a lack of commentary) and then it gives a disc read error. I can’t get past this but I can play games in other modes.

  • hooper89

    I have a all forward and my vertical is a 99 dunking is a 99 also selected dunk packages, and I have the posterizor skill and he doesn’t dunk on no one and doesn’t dunk at all sometimes please help

  • hooper89

    I have a small forward with a 99 on dunk,vertical and yet he still doesn’t dunk. I have a posterizor skill pacc and he still doesn’t do anything can someone help me out

  • BornWavy

    i went to go load myCAREER today and it said file is damaged or can not be loaded, any help?????

  • dyshawn.mason

    Why my player mode keep freezing for xbox like wtf

  • zwosh10