Second Post-Release Patch for Madden NFL 13 Now Available

Posted October 15th, 2012 at 10:00 am

The highly anticipated patch for Madden NFL 13, that delivers numerous feature additions and various other improvements, has arrived a day early. The patch went out for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 this morning.

This update is one of the most significant in the franchise’s history. It includes the ability to edit players in Connected Careers, start a new career with a custom roster, Coach mode, and adjustments to areas such as XP output and accelerated clock in careers, and the number of dropped passes that occur when playing with All-Madden difficulty. With Fantasy Drafts already having been reintroduced prior EA Sports addressed consumer complaints in a manner in which they had never done before and it represents major progress.

Continue on to review all the changes that come with the patch again and as always leave your thoughts on how it has affected Madden NFL 13 in the comments. Look for some detailed impressions to be posted later this week! 

Feature Additions
•Custom Rosters Offline: Added the ability to start an offline career with a custom roster.

•Connected Careers Edit Player: Added the ability to edit gear and information for players in a league.

•Coach Mode in Connected Careers: Added the ability to use coach mode in Connected Careers.

•Changing Schemes in Connected Careers: Added the ability to change offensive and defensive schemes as a coach.

•Offline Play Along in Connected Careers: Added the ability for multiple people to join a CCM game. This applies to coaches only.

•Draft Clock: Added a draft clock during the draft that is displayed on screen if you leave the draft interface to view rosters, depth charts, etc.

•Draft Filter: Added a filter to the draft screen to display players that have been drafted.

•Connected Careers Practice XP: Added the ability for user controlled players to earn extra XP in practice mode through the stats they accumulate.

Gameplay Tuning
•Fixed an issue where WRs were dropping too many passes when playing on All Madden difficulty setting.

•Fixed an issue where it was too easy to time the kick meter on FGs and PATs in user vs. user games.

•Fixed an issue where punt returners were moving away from the landing spot if you called a fair catch while letting the CPU control the player.

•Fixed an issue where someone who attempted to bull rush with the R stick once the ball was snapped activated run commit.

•Added over a dozen logic fixes to make our commentary more intelligent.

•Fixed an issue where specific offensive player celebrations were not triggering.

•Fixed an issue where the referee was backwards when calling a penalty.

•Fixed an issue with the Giants away uniforms (missing a sleeve stripe).

Connected Careers
•Fixed an issue where Offline Gameplay AI/Logic did not match the logic in Play Now.

•Fixed an issue where playing the game on All-Madden is too easy.

•Fixed an issue where changing the camera setting in CCM game works for single player.

•Fixed an issue where League Sliders had limited impact on difficulty.

•Fixed an issue where the Accelerated Clock did not function in an online CCM game when the option was set to On.

•Fixed an issue where you could not turn on/off GameFlow in CCM.

•Fixed an issue where you were unable to sign Free Agents during the season.

•Fixed an issue where ‘Starting a League’ would reset Player Schemes.

•Fixed an issue where after declining a trade offer, you are no longer able to accept or decline another offer.

•Fixed an issue where you could exploit supersim to run the game clock indefinitely.

•Fixed some spelling and polish issues in the News and Twitter.

•Fixed an issue where a coach could make a contract offer to a user controlled player.

•Fixed an issue where you are forced to select a throwing style for a created player that is not a QB.

•Fixed an issue where turning Auto-Start to off does not save week to week.

•Fixed an issue where you can see rookie overall ratings by accessing the player card of the prospect through Team Needs.

•Fixed an issue where changing Auto-Sub Frequency does not change the correct data.

•Fixed an issue where the profanity filter was preventing offline players from typing in their names.

•Fixed an issue where you can draft a player and then trade down while the draft is paused. The issue resulted in the user keeping both the traded picks and drafted player.

•Fixed numerous crashes.

•Fixed an issue with the in-game pause menu disappearing.

Madden Ultimate Team
•Changed the Packs button to Store Button.

•Condensed Leaderboards and Help menus.

•Implemented the ability to view videos from the hub.

•Implemented Store Panel Changes.

•Moved Auctions/Trades to a separate menu option.

•Fixed several Solo Challenge exploits

•Fixed an issue where the Hail Mary formation in a custom playbook had a blank play that resulted in a broken formation and invisible players if selected.

  • tardar14

    what a bummer….I really don’t understand this whole connected careers thing!? Do people really care to be barry sanders or vince lombardi to re-do their career? Can anyone share insight? I guess im perplexed to see that people like this crap! I really hope they change this for next year because if they don’t it will be my last year buying it. I know people… you’re gonna tell me don’t buy it then, shut the heck up and its the greatest thing in the world,etc, but this will be the last year and I’ll tell you why. I guess I can accept them making a change to see what people like but I don’t believe thats what they do. They finally changed the gameplay and physics and now they changed the whold structure of the game, ie franchise.Which has been the cornerstone of this game for over a decade! My guess is that for the next 10 years they are going to put things about the old frachise into connected careers little by little, making it seem as though they are attracting “old gamers,” like firing/hiring coaching staff or being a gm rather than a coach, blah blah blah.This couldn’t be anymore untrue, they can never make a complete game because no one will buy it again. I’m probably stating the obvious but I guess if I put something out there many more like myself may not buy it again. Thus, possibly changing the game completely with lack of sales.(That is impossible at this point) Here are my main two reasons why this year is a disaster. 1st, can’t import college draft classes? Is it me or did anyone else like to play with your favorite college team and draft your players with real stats and real accolades? 2nd, if i was a coach of an NFL team, how could I not possibly change my playbook? How the effe is this possible? I guess with this connected careers I can input my ugly fat ass on screen and see myself flailing in the wind but i can’t input my own ideas and plays! Is there anyone out there that shares any of my thoughts? Or am I just not connected?

  • gmoney1

    how do you play multiplayer coop fantasy draft offline… i cant figure it out.. i know its in ccm but what next

  • mika77

    3rd freeze of the day in connected carrer each time i try to change my depth chart during a game ! i am the only one?

  • mika77

    you can’t change a DE to a DT position??? or a RG to a RT? what the fuck!!!

  • John Darlas

    I’m in my second year with the Bills (offline career) and every other game the players have on pink, week 1 no, 2 yes, 3 no etc… anyone else have this issue too?

  • Can two people play on the same team in Franchise mode (CC)? Can someone with the patch try it out?

    • That is what I’m am trying to find out. i don’t see or have not found a way to do that yet

  • uncle rayray

    flack jacket and back plate glitch with editing it affects everyone once u edit. also skinny arms legs. basically all the player appearance sliders get off wack once u edit rosters! every player is affected in one way or another!

  • Come on EA… this patch promised more, but you disappoint again 🙁

  • somebody should make a antitrust case, no competition means bad products…

  • there is no patch ea lied again people dont fall for it i tryed it twice no patch.

  • MrDangerousD

    Can anyone tell me where you go in the menus to change coaching schemes like it says you can now in the patch notes? I’m not talking about player schemes, I’m talking about coaching schemes (Run/pass ratio, 4-3 or 3-4 defense etc etc).

    And why can’t I find Coach Mode in the settings during a game like it says it added?

    • Dylan Williams

      Coach schemes are in the exact same place as player schemes. It says OFF and DEF. But don’t bother with it because the schemes still don’t save. 🙁 Disappointed in EA.

    • Maddengod415

      Also wondering how to do the schemes can someone plz give steps

      • MrDangerousD

        Hey man, it turns out schemes are only available to be adjusted OFFLINE for now. Online scheme changing will be added into the game on October 19th (this Friday), so you will have to wait a few more days.

      • MrDangerousD

        Hey man, it turns out schemes are only available to be adjusted OFFLINE for now. Online scheme changing will be added into the game on October 19th (this Friday), so you will have to wait a few more days.

  • TF


  • ConfusedAsHell

    Can anyone explain how sliders work? For example, fumbles and interceptions. What exactly does increasing CPU Fumbles do? Increase the amount of fumbles they cause to the opponent, or the amount the CPU fumbles the ball?

  • Stuatfbaby

    EA left stuff out that’s ther fault!!! Where’s ther defensive assignments????

  • Chris palavicini

    And you still CANNOT edit player ratings in ccm online or off. Why in the hell would we care about giving some guy bigger arms.. What in the fuck ..Its impossible to build a team.Trades are still retarded, the xp system is still incredibly slow. Wow… They got it right last year and boom blow their load over the thought of more online play. I waited two months for this patch to play madden again and I think i’m going to go sell it at gamestop for fucking 15 bucks .

  • Christopher5

    Hahaha EA fooled everyone yet again…go ahead and edit away, but don’t be pissed when the skinny arm and leg glitch appears. Damn, glad i passed on this trash. They can fill a whole page up with “fixes” and the game will still be trash.

  • MARZ76

    i just want to say stop 360 ports when its multiplatform games with all its bs issues….360 ports are just horrible sad an f’d up. thats whats wrong with M13 still making games on old tech then porting on new age tech it dont work

  • DrewBreesiana

    To get the roster changes / edits you want in CCM; make the edits changes in attributes and positions, whatever….then save the roster file, overwrite the “custom” roster file.
    Then, when you start a new CCM choose import custom madden roster.
    Once you are in CCM, the ability to edit becomes limited. Hope this helps somebody. Peace!

    • but what happenes to that roster the next time you play and they ask if you want to download the latest roster file???

  • messed up says you can edit rosters you can but not to the extent they made it sound like you can.

  • exotic smoker

    Why aren’t u able to draft on offline franchise? I thought that they allowed y to draft offline!

  • Danny

    can anyone please help answer my questiion now i see all the updates and patches that were done but what i dont see is 2 player offline ccm,now maybe im doing it wrong but i start a brand new offline coach mode with a 2nd controller connected and it never gives me an option for the second controller to pick a team..could any1 answer this for me? would be greatly appreciated

  • Penguatroll

    On PS3, can confirm schemes don’t save; either you need to start a new CC or we’ll have to wait for another patch (hopefully a quick one!)

  • Kjean41

    I have a quick question, i have not found the time to download this patch yet. but I just want to know one thing. Is multiplayer Offline CCM really back with this new patch? And if yes what’s the max amount of team can be user controlled?

  • fasemeus

    So ohow do I change my scheme in connected careers

  • Yoda

    My question is I downloaded the new patch then downloaded the roster update. Eli is at 97 then when i save that to my custom roster then start a offline CCM then load the custom roster on to it Eli is back down to 91 and Cruz is at 86????? WTF. I dont get it. Tryed everything. Anyone else have that problem? Nothings been fixed

  • nsam7

    wait, I was under the impression you could do multiple teams in ccm offline, am i wrong?

  • y cant u set audibles for custom playbook…anybody????????

  • Does anyone else have trouble catching or jumping for ball?? Thanks for feedback:)

    • beater29

      no I do not.

  • Are you Serious?

    call me when they either fix “best on best” or add DEFENSIVE ASSIGNMENTS like before. God, these developers are retarded

  • Chett

    Can you use a Created Playbook in Connected Career Mode offline? When I go to start a game, advanced settings my Playbook is not there. Any help? please

  • Thomas Madigan

    Can someone please answer this question for me. ‘does this now mean I can play with a friend as two different players in connected careers?’ if so will it be similar to playing with 2 players in franchise mode in madden 12?

  • Kwon

    Wide receivers still dropping too many passes on all-madden. Whats up?