NBA 2K13 Patch Targeted for Late November

Posted October 24th, 2012 at 10:45 am

Responding to a swell of consumer inquiries 2K Sports has now provided an expectation for when the first feedback based post-release patch for NBA 2K13 will become available.

The patch has been given a time frame of “late November” though it is possible this represents an overly conservative estimate and it could arrive sooner. Late November would put it well behind the pace set by NBA 2K12 (November 3 with an even larger one that hit on December 13) but in line with support for NBA 2K11 (November 23 – the only real gameplay patch it would receive).

A prior patch for NBA 2K13 was rushed out solely to address an issue that was preventing anyone with a 4 GB Xbox 360 from advancing in MyCareer mode while a more comprehensive update has been in the works to provide a number of fixes and improvements. An auto-sim issue following All-Star Weekend in Association and MyCareer remains the only specific aspect that has been publicly noted as part of the coming patch.

  • Benty

    Basically then it turns out to be a 2 month wait for a patch. That is disappointing cause this game is so close to being great.

    • Zzzeric

      Remember when games didn’t have patches? And when a game was broken it would stay broken? You should be happy it’s happening at all

      • so basically be glad we only get fucked for a short period.

        keep the jock holding to yourself and quit coddling multi-million dollar companies. yeah I remember when broken games stayed broken… 8 years ago. so is that the new excuse? ‘be happy you only have to wait 2 months for a game to be fixed’. how about no, we’re not living in the mid 2000’s anymore.. developers have had enough time to figure out a timely way to fix what they decided to release either broken or lacking correct functionality in certain facet’s of the game. you don’t pay $60 expecting a game to collect dust, you expect a half-way decent product.

      • MARZ76

        that happened when games was only offline no online play at all u must have been 2years old at the time or sumthing.

        • abc

          I really regret having read your post here. Completely useless, obvious, and made you seem like kind of a moron who doesn’t know what people are talking about. I assume you get lost in conversations about politics and philosophy because your brain does not comprehend what is happening around you. However, stop posting dumbs posts that nobody wants to read, bitch.

      • dinfamous7210

        That’s no excuse; I don’t remember a major NES game being this glitchy. All that proves is that the ability to put in patches has made today’s developers lazy.

      • Squints Palledorous

        Remember when a Nobel Prize was given out for Lobotomy? And when your brain was broken it would stay broken?

      • Khadeem

        i usually dont say this but…shut the fuck up

      • Kur0ko

        retarded answer, back in the days the developpers would actually test their game properly, only some minor bug remained and nothing game breaking, nowadays they release half finished, never tested games so that they can make a shit load of money while the consumers wait patiently for the many patches to come

  • tuned up the perimeter Defense is all the game needs with game play. So many shots goes in when defenders are playing on them even when you have some of the top defenders sticking the perimeter shooters such as Iman shumpert, or shane battier

    • CJ

      A few other issues to be sure. When two good players play each other there will be zero blocks all game. That is pretty bad. But the game isn’t far from great.

      • Khadeem

        right…i havent seen one blocked dunk this year…i previous years i was a shot block machine…this 2k is dissapointing

      • Yeah most blocks I get are help defense blocks or catching someone when the shot clock is at 1

  • They need to get rid of this VC crap for offline play. What should have done is allow VC for online play.

    • 49ersfan1

      vc for myteam only*

      • vc for myteam only? huh?

        • 49ersfan1

          cuz u have to use vc for all modes. its annoying

    • ConCity Soldier

      VC is crap! I can’t even take my game to a friend’s house because it’ll take away my VC. 2K 🙁 Dammit, fix these damn problems please!

  • cabrillo24

    Two months to fix a potential broken mode (My Player) is definitely not going to sit well with fans.

  • smsixx

    In my offline association im tired of the opposing teams killing me on the offensive boards, There is nothing more frustrating then having a great defensive possesion only to have the CPUs POINT GUARD! crawl underneath and outjump my power forward and center.

    • so true, they claimed to fix that after the demo released but the CPU can grab 4 offensive rebounds in a row with guards when you have position.

  • camstrT

    Annoying that people let 2K get away with being lazy. My second half of the season got simmed and im screwed now. So that and My Player not having playvision and so on can wait a couple months? People would kill EA if they took this long.

    • 2k will be there in a few years time if they don’t get their act together. The presentation and introduction of micro-transactions in addition to the present bugs are hurting the title more than helping it this installment, and unfortunately once you introduce micro-transactions to a title it may be difficult to just up and remove it completely. I’m seeing way more negative feedback about 2k13 than I have about any other title in the series.

  • Cool. I should have my PS3 fixed by then *damn Madden 13 patch. Hmph*

    • Weissman

      PLEASE CHANGE THE PERMINENT SKILL POINT OFFLINE THING!!!! I hate skill points, it screws up the game. They better make you able to swich back to VC after you go offline and go back online. It shouldn’t be perminent.

  • 49ersfan1

    that jersey is ugly.

  • I tested the “my career” game mode recently. I’m a 5’10 SG for Portland. At one point in one of the games I played, I was rotated to Center for almost an entire quarter. Clearly nothing wrong with that…

  • Sean

    I don’t think the developers played mycareer past the rookie showcase, this is ridiculous. And the dunk contest is whack, if I wanted to play guitar hero I’d go buy that title. It was ok at first, but then I played it in mycareer mode, couldn’t beat Evans, only person that did was Griffin and that was a one-time thing. And ALL three of his dunks were already done that game, but unlike the user player they dont get any points deducted. I paid for 200,000 VC and now mycareer mode is no-good bc I refuse to play on since my season only lasted 53 games, and I can’t even run plays. I have 2 players SF and SF with point-forward play style, I need to call plays. Once again, this is ridiculous, I’ma start rooting for EA if this patch doesn’t come out until late November, stop that 2k needs to pay their devs or something. I feel like I’m still waiting for Oct. 2nd to hit only for another HUGE upset.

    • ConCity Soldier

      The Dunbk Contest should have been like it was on NBA Live 06 Gamecube/PS2/XBOX. They need to copy that shit!

      • ConCity Soldier


      • The Dunk Contest controls aren’t the problem. It’s that damn scoring system, and how they do math between dunk intensity and crowd reaction. That’s the biggest load of bullshit ever. I’ll do a far more difficult dunk, both technically and showmanship-wise, but I’ll lose to a bitchmade dunk. Naw. The Guitar Hero ness is kind of cool because it allows for more dunks to be possible. Have you seen the vasts amount of dunks you have. That’d be impossible if you could only do dunks like Live.

    • abc

      You nailed every single one of my complaints. Thank you.

    • I feel you bro on everything you just said cause I am in the same boat as you for all the reasons that you mentioned.

  • Bucetudo

    Will we never be able to export a team??? It is so simple 2k

  • MARZ76

    we all should email an tweet jay-z since he’s executive producer an let him know 2k is not doing there job. now 20 people emailing or tweeting jay-z isnt enough,we all can keep on talking or we can do sumthing. the game can be great on so many levels..remember we made 2k,2k didnt make us. they need to fix so much an need to add so much,i would like if they did the classic slam dunk contest an 3point shoot out with more players an rounds. lastly put back myplayer i remember gettin off of work an my friends are ready to crew up smash another team, u had a 2nd reason to play myplayer.

  • swp95

    The CPU cheats so damn much on this game and when you tweet ronnie2k about it he dosent care.

  • I don’t think the developers played it on the Hall of Fame level. My team cannot win a game at all. We lost 16 straight by an average of 20 points. WTF is that. I don’t start at my position. I’m a PG I don’t want to start at SG. We should also get points when the CPU just dribbles all day and takes a terrible shot without passing.

  • King

    Hurry up 2K damn! NBA 2K13 My Career BS is pissing me off. I have it on PS3 & they keep benching my player even after I when the starting role multiple times. It’s BS!! I can’t enter into any Online Association leagues. WTF!?!? 🙁 Smh…

  • washjub

    Online blacktop is a nightmare I play center maxed block plus rebounding and can’t even tip a dunk I occasionally tip layups and floaters but they still go in which is complete bullshit can’t even out rebound a pg my guy just tips the ball out of bounds

  • LRDaToonman

    The AI cheats on Hall of Fame. I recorded a video of me trying to come back but the team was shooting lights out. The icing on the cake. Carmelo does a dribble, hop shot attempt. He has nothing, he fake passes to clear a man out then starts to dribble folks (TRAVEL) he get into the lane and pump fakes (HERE COMES THE BULLSHIT!) up and under and they’re up 5 with 13 seconds left. WTF!!!!

  • LRDaToonman

    One more thing. COLLISIONS!!! My dude is defensive. 99 on ball 80 block. People come into the lane through the legs around the back garbage and my guy jumps with no animation to block and is moved by the momentum of the other player. There are no collisions what so ever at the basket. Fix that and the AI cheating. All in all I still enjoy playing.

  • qwerty

    once i get in the starting line up, i thought it will last, then on my next game in mycareer, im not on starting line up again, this happen to me more than once