Evaluating Current Receiver Ratings in Madden NFL 13

Posted November 12th, 2012 at 10:00 am

Having already run through the quarterbacks and running backs as the season reached the midway point attention this week can turn to wide receivers and where they stand as currently rated in Madden NFL 13.

Simply looking at stats will not tell the whole story of how a player can be rated of course. In the case of receivers there are aspects of their game such as blocking, awareness, route running, dropped passes, and attention level from defenses that won’t necessarily translate to the typical box scores. There are factors outside of a receivers control that dictate how may opportunities they will have. Still in looking at statistical output it will at least provide an idea of how they are producing this season and whether that is far off from the overall ratings in a relative sense across the league or if they are framed properly.

Every receiver rated 76 and above was examined – an arbitrary cut-off after deeming that range to be players reasonably expected to produce consistently. The “average” receiver then from that group is rated 83 overall and has 37 catches for 490 yards and 3 touchdowns.





Calvin Johnson 60-974-2TD 98  —–
Larry Fitzgerald 51-585-4TD 96  —–
Andre Johnson 46-597-2TD 96  Slightly Overrated
Brandon Marshall 67-904-7TD 95  Slightly Underrated
Roddy White 54-823-4TD 95  —–
Wes Welker 66-810-2TD 94  —–
A.J. Green 58-820-9TD 94  Slightly Underrated
Marques Colston 47-652-7TD 93  —–
Vincent Jackson 36-769-6TD 93  —–
Jordy Nelson 40-532-5TD 92  —–
Greg Jennings 12-78-1TD 92  Injured
Steve Smith (CAR) 39-649-1TD 92  —–
Reggie Wayne 69-931-3TD 92  Underrated
Victor Cruz 60-743-7TD 92  —–
Percy Harvin 62-677-3TD 91  —–
Hakeem Nicks 27-390-1TD 91  Vastly Overrated
Dwayne Bowe 45-571-3TD 90  Overrated
Julio Jones 44-703-5TD 90  —–
Miles Austin 43-669-4TD 89  —–
DeSean Jackson 42-686-2TD 88  —–
Mike Wallace 39-525-5TD 88  —–
Anquan Boldin 40-548-1TD 88  —–
Steve Johnson 41-502-4TD 87  —–
Santonio Holmes 20-272-1TD 87  Injured
Brandon Lloyd 42-480-3TD 87  Slightly Overrated
Antonio Brown 42-499-1TD 86  Slightly Overrated
Eric Decker 48-598-7TD 86  Underrated
Demaryius Thomas 54-891-4TD 86  Underrated
James Jones 40-462-8TD 85  Slightly Underrated
Sidney Rice 34-475-6TD 85  —–
Jeremy Maclin 36-449-4TD 85  —–
Kenny Britt 27-312-1TD 85  Slightly Overrated
Michael Crabtree 44-510-4TD 85  —–
Dez Bryant 45-590-3TD 85  —–
Malcolm Floyd 39-572-3TD 84  —–
Denarius Moore 34-575-5TD 84  —–
Pierre Garcon 8-153-1TD 83  Injured
Lance Moore 40-585-2TD 83  —–
Santana Moss 24-313-5TD 83  Slightly Overrated
Randall Cobb 45-500-6TD 83  Slightly Underrated
Torrey Smith 31-548-7TD 83  —–
Mike Williams 31-568-5TD 83  —–
Randy Moss 15-254-2TD 83  Vastly Overrated
Mario Manningham 29-298-1TD 82  Overrated
Nate Washington 31-483-4TD 82  —–
Brian Hartline 49-741-1TD 82  Underrated
Darrius Heyward-Bey 24-371-3TD 82  —–
Plaxico Burress —– 82  V.O. – Not in league
Danny Amendola 43-497-2TD 81  Underrated
Laurent Robinson 24-252-0TD 80  Overrated
Antonio Bryant —– 80  V.O. – Not in league
Terrell Owens —– 80  V.O. – Not in league
Jason Avant 27-283-0TD 79  Slightly Overrated
Jerricho Cotchery 8-92-0TD 79  Vastly Overrated
Davone Bess 42-536-0TD 78  Underrated
Josh Morgan 29-309-0TD 78  —–
Brandon Gibson 31-428-2TD 78  Slightly Underrated
Austin Collie 1-6-0TD 78  Injured
Justin Blackmon 26-250-1TD 78  —–
Andre Roberts 40-540-5TD 78  Underrated
Jerome Simpson 11-137-0TD 77  Overrated
Earl Bennett 17-187-0TD 77  Overrated
Robert Meachem 13-197-2TD 77  Slightly Overrated
Mark Clayton —– 77  V.O. – Not in league
Michael Jenkins 28-307-1TD 77  —–
Lee Evans —– 77  No appearances
Kevin Walter 23-337-2TD 77  —–
Nate Burleson 27-240-2TD 77  —–
Brandon Stokley 28-332-4TD 77  Slightly Underrated
Deion Branch 9-80-0TD 77  Overrated
Jabar Gaffney 4-68-0TD 77  Injured
Kendall Wright 43-390-4TD 77  Underrated
Golden Tate 26-334-6TD 77  Underrated
Donald Driver 7-65-2TD 77  Overrated
Julian Edelman 13-100-1TD 76  —–
Harry Douglas 20-198-0TD 76  —–
Eddie Royal 16-134-1TD 76  —–
Donnie Avery 38-519-1TD 76  Vastly Underrated
Steve Smith (STL) 13-125-0TD 76  Overrated
Domenik Hixon 26-380-0TD 76  Slightly Underrated
Devin Hester 15-180-1TD 76  —–
Mike Williams —– 76  V.O. – Not in league
Devery Henderson 18-280-1TD 76  —–
Roy Williams —– 76  V.O. – Not in league
T.J. Houshmandzadeh —– 76  V.O. – Not in league
Chad Johnson —– 76  V.O. – Not in league
Greg Little 27-301-2TD 76  Slightly Underrated
Titus Young 32-359-4TD 76  Underrated
Donald Jones 32-380-4TD 76  Underrated
Brandon LaFell 24-396-2TD 76  Slightly Underrated
Dexter McCluster 29-258-1TD 76  Slightly Underrated

  • Russmac316

    How is Andre Johnson overrated but Fitz isn’t?

    • Russmac316

      And Hakeem Nicks has been hurt most of the season, too.

      • $evere

        That could keep him from being a great receiver. Each year he’s been hurt too many games.

  • 360Coug

    Bowe has been playing with less than average QB play and still put up fairly good numbers, while Andre Johnson has nearly the exact same stats and is only “slightly overrated.” Plus Bowe has played one less game then all of these guys considering they are playing tonight.

  • hellloooo

    Eric Decker – 48-598-7TD – 86 – Underrated

    Demaryius Thomas – 54-891-4TD – 86 – Underrated

    Yeah no shit, fuckin fix this

  • You have Randall Cobb underrated, but right below that Torrey Smith who has more yards (with less catches) and more TD and he’s not underrated. West Coast bias!

    • Gunt

      West Coast as in Midwest? Might wanna refresh on your North American geography

  • Cecil Shorts: 29 561 4TDs, Vastly Underrated


    game of year!!!

  • Huejac2

    Wes Walker is slot receiver only & he is vastly over rated. Any receiver that can only play inside should not have a 90 rating. Vincent Jackson & Mike Williams are under rated.

    • scott

      “Any receiver that can only play inside should not have a 90 rating” – That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard…and I’m not a fan of Welker

      • Huejac2

        You are a Welker fan, you need to quit lying. Why should a receiver that does both inside & out like Bradon Mershell be ranked less than Welker. New England has been trying to replace Moss every since he left. Fact of matter is Welker can’t get off the jam & that’s why he stays inside. New England loves Welker so much that won’t even extend him.

        • Khadeem

          that is factually incorrect…welker plays on the outside all the time….went we line in our base offensive formation…welker lines up on the outside…along with lloyd or branch/gaffney/moss in previous seasons…on passing downs when we go 3 wide or occassionally when we split out gronk or hernandez to the outside is when welker plays the slot

    • You’ve gotta be trolling. Nobody is that inane.

      • Richard J. Smoker

        Nobody is that inane, except for you (Huejac2).

  • Its a shame Stevie Johnson is uncoverable by any CB in this league he his hampered by poor QB play and play calling

  • Brandon Marshall should be at least a 97. He’s one of the best in the game right now.

  • scott

    Amendola is underrated. Especially his catch and catch in traffic. The dude catches EVERYTHING

  • MARZ76

    randy moss is underrated 49ers dont use him an alex dilfer smith cant throw accurately

    • 49ersfan1

      the 49ers DO use him. they need the CBs and safeties to chase after him so crabtree and davis can get open. and alex smith is very accurate. he does his job but obviously hes not great. hes good though.

  • Angry packers fan

    It should say 5 TDs next to Golden Tate. And an interception for the CB jennings

  • stevvvvvve

    Who cares ..if i cant even play a game in a timely matter ..how is it that the game glitches when adjusting a depht chart either in the process of arranging players. Or when exiting the depth chart..then after i hve to reset the system.. i hve to arrange my depth charts tthen it works. ..so then i go to start a seadon game…the game freezes again …very frustrating as this might happen about a handful time during the week ….anyone experiencing the bullshit

  • FrstRdDrftPk

    Agreed that Thomas and Decker are underrated. Both should be at least 89-92. Especially looking at Jordy Nelson’s numbers the last two years. My biggest issue is, >>BOTH<< of these guys drop wide open balls more often than they should. Their catch and catch in traffic ratings are great too. Makes no sense.

  • chambro5988

    Hakeem Nicks vastly overrated… ARE YOU ON CRACK? guy explodes for over 200 yards recovering from a broken foot and hurts his knee. He isn’t overrated he is F****** injured

  • Reggie Wayne Is Absolutely Underrated, he’s having his best season ever, leds the NFL on Rec(69) and has 931 yards!!

  • RandomGuy

    Calvin Johnson – Slightly Overrated. Seriously, he has two touchdowns. He got shutdown on two separate occassions and all he did was drop one point.