Wii U Coverage Coming Next Week

Posted November 16th, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Three major sports franchises launch along with the Wii U on Sunday: Madden NFL 13, FIFA 13, and NBA 2K13. The first two are actually already out and in hand while 2K13 ships out today.

Impressions and videos of the three games will be posted beginning on Monday. The plan is to look at them from a perspective of comparison to the 360 and PS3 versions – given that they’re supposed to be on par with what’s found already on those systems – as well as how well they stand on their own. The main focus beyond that will be some of the basics as it relates to the Wii U – the online system, graphics, post-release support in the way of roster updates or patches, how the large tablet controller translates to gameplay, and whether the unique features are actually worthwhile or ultimately just gimmicky in nature.

Check out the limited info and videos for the games released to date.

•Madden NFL 13: Features ListTrailer
•FIFA 13: Features ListTrailer
•NBA 2K13: Features ListDeveloper Video

  • me

    Its so good to hear you’ll be covering…the…(yawn) Wii…U…versions (yawn)…of…these…3…gaaams….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • me

    Drumming up announcement news about the newer versions of the same old
    games we’ve been currently playing for the last couple of months, being
    ported over to yet another platform really sounds interesting Pasta. I’m
    sure there is sooo much more fun being added to these games for the Wii
    U port, that we can’t wait to hear about these 3 great games all over

    That was sarcasm.

    • d23m

      LOL. Yeah Pasta, make sure check with this guy on which games to cover in the future. He knows all.

  • Nov

    Thanks, sounds good. Curious how these turn out.

    • Tony Broadwell

      You’re curious how they turn out? You’re meaning to say that you don’t have them on the 360 already? They’re gonna be almost the same fucking games as the other console versions…but with a big ass tablet controller. What fucking else is there to know?